Plus a heart breaking/warming NET patient story of loss and hope.
Plus a heart breaking/warming NET patient story of loss and hope.
Neuroendocrine Patient and Caregiver Conference on August 11, 2018, Chicago, IL

Here's your chance

Register today for NETRF's full-day patient and caregiver education conference on Saturday, August 11 in Chicago. You will learn about:
  • PRRT
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Surgery
  • Living well with NETs
  • Team-based care for NETs
We have planned an expert agenda with Dr. Xavier Keutgen from Rush University Medical Center; Dr. Tom O'DorisioDr. Sue O'Dorisio, and Dr. Jim Howe from the University of Iowa; and Dr. Thor Halfdanarson from the Mayo Clinic. We will also welcome Dr. Riad Salem from Northwestern, and other clinicians from the Midwest.  You can also choose from a range of breakouts on selected topics (such as pheo/para, lung NETs, and childhood NETs). It is a great way to catch up on all that is happening in NET treatment. (MORE)

Why go?

Because nothing else is more important.

Neuroendocrine tumor patients and providers talk about what can be gained from attending a full-day educational conference on treatment and self-care options. (MORE)
Neuroendocrine tumor patients and doctors talk about why it is important to attend educational events
Improving PRRT for NETs video 2018

Taking PRRT to the Next Stage 

NETRF has funded $1.5 million in research to look at improving a targeted form of radiation therapy called Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy (PRRT). The studies aim to:
  • Expand the number of patients able to benefit from PRRT
  • Increase its precision to target even the smallest signs of cancer
  • Reduce the toxicity of current treatments
Meet the researchers who are exploring these advancements and learn what they hope to discover. (MORE)

Request for Research Funding Grows

Last month's request for scientific grant applications netted a record response. See why and how this is good news. (MORE)
Education & Advocacy

The Road to PRRT

A Path of Self-Discovery and Growth

by Josie Rubio

Sitting on a yoga mat in a Brooklyn park, looking across at the Manhattan skyline, I recently found myself taking stock of how much had changed in just a month and a half. I’m often happier than I have been in a long time. In June, I was the first patient who wasn’t part of a clinical trial at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to receive PRRT to treat the neuroendocrine tumors in my pancreas. It’s strange to be a toxic creature. Friends kept asking if I would develop superpowers. But I want the kind of toxicity in my life that combats tumors, not the kind that makes me feel apologetic for having cancer. (MORE)
Woman drinking ice water with lemon on couch indoors

How to Beat the Heat 

Summer's high temperatures can pose risks to cancer survivors. Living with neuroendocrine tumors may make you more vulnerable to the sun and heat. Learn how to stay safe and how to spot signs of trouble. (MORE) 

Meet a patient & caregiver panel  

Patients and caregivers come forward to discuss their journeys.
  • What has helped them learn and heal?
  • What advice would they offer newly diagnosed individuals? 
  • How did they succeed in finding the right treatment team?
  • How have support groups and patient conferences helped them? 
This 30-minute panel discussion served as the conclusion of a full-day  NETRF Indianapolis NET Patient and Caregiver Education Conference. (MORE)
Giving & Caring
images of researchers

Your gift matters!

NETRF's progress signals both the hope and promise of our efforts for you, your family, and the NET community we serve. Together we are getting closer to improved treatments and ultimately cures. As we continue the fight against NETs, we are counting on your support for our work. (MORE)
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Why your support is critical for scientists...

Learn about the challenges researchers face in obtaining funding for their NET research projects and why your support is so vitally important. (MORE) 
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