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January 5, 2016
Winter-proof your goals. 
A new year feels like a great time for change. But it can be hard to keep big resolutions without an action plan. Try these simple steps to start your goal off right and keep it going strong.
  • Think behavior, not result. Instead of focusing on losing 10 pounds, aim to walk 30 minutes a day. Set up your goal using a Steps or Exercise Tracker by signing in to your Well-Being Account.
  • Bring your health into perspective. Take part in a biometric health screening when an event is offered to you or get a checkup with your doctor. It helps to know your health numbers, like cholesterol and blood pressure. And getting or keeping your numbers in the healthy range can be a good motivator for taking action.
  • Share your goal. Ask your coach, a family member or friend for help sticking to your goal.
  • Make a Plan B. If your goal is to exercise, will you do it in the morning at the gym? On your work break? Make a backup plan for days that doesn't work out, like walking after work.
  • Celebrate your successes. Pat yourself on the back as you reach small goal milestones. 
Stay inspired. 
Sign in to your Well-Being Account and write about your positive feelings in your online journal. Go back to it when you need encouragement.

Sometimes a goal could use extra help. Your ParTNers EAP is here to provide resources if a financial, legal, or emotional goal could improve your well-being. Call 1-855-437-3486 or click here to learn more. 

   24/7 NURSE  advice line:


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