Newsletter #2
Newsletter #2
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Helping You Find Your Off Campus Rental 

Welcome to the second edition of finding your off campus home! You can expect to receive the next steps of the rental process on Wednesday, July 8. 
This week, focus on determining your monthly budget and take into consideration your wants vs. your needs. Continue searching for roommates and begin discussing co-signing with your parents or guardians. 
In this newsletter you will find:

Using Financial Aid for Rental Expenses

The upfront cost of a security deposit and first month's rent due at the time of lease signing can be expensive. The Financial Aid Office at UWM can be of help in this area.
In your PAWS account you should be able to find your College Financing Plan detailing estimated tuition and total grants & loans. You can show this to your landlord to explain you will be using financial aid to cover rent expenses.
You can also use the Onestop Calculator to determine how much 'extra' aid can be used for renting expenses. The financial aid calculated from the Onestop Calculator is only accurate for the 9 month Fall and Spring semester; you will need to plan to pay 12 months of rent. 
If you are still having trouble with expenses you can email the financial aid office, 

Budgeting Tips

When you are trying to determine your monthly budget you will want to consider two things: your income and your expenses. Make sure your income exceeds your expenses. The most important thing is to make sure you stick to your budget.
Check out Step 4 of the rental process for more information on finances and to download our budget planning tool. 

Roommate Listings

You can use the exclusive UWM Listing Service to create a roommate listing. 
  1. Go to the rental listings website
  2. Click on the "Roommates" tab
  3. Log-In with your ePanther ID and password
  4. Update your "My Account" profile page
  5. Click "Add Roommate" on the left side of the page
  6. Fill out your roommate request and click "Create Roommate Request" when finished
  7. Browse posted roommates request by clicking the "Roommates" tab at the top of the page again

City Ordinances You Should Know

  • The noise ordinance is in effect 24 hours of every day in the City of Milwaukee. 
  •  You can only have 3 unrelated people living together in a rental unit without the landlord having a rooming house license
Learn more about City Ordinances and City Resources that will impact your throughout the rental process.  

Co-Signers and Joint & Several Liability

You can finds tons of information of co-signers and joint & several liability on our website. 
Co-signers will be required to sign your lease with you if you don't have prior rental history or large enough income. Nearly all 1st-time renter's require a co-signer.
Joint & several liability states anyone (including the co-signers) can be held equally and individually liable for any charges and damages that occur in a rental unit. This can be anything from unpaid rent to the cost of repairs.

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 The next live session will take place Wednesday, July 8 at 4 p.m.

Tell us When You Plan to Move 

Help the Neighborhood Housing Office by letting us know when you plan to move out of and move into your off campus residence. This allows us to adapt our resources to your needs. 

Visit the University Legal Clinic 

The University Legal Clinic can provide legal advice on the rental process and look over all leases free of charge!

Sign Up for the Preferred Tenant Program

The Preferred Tenant Program is a free, online rental education course. Participating landlords offer discounts on rent to students who have completed the program. 

Hey UWM Students!

The NHO compiled a list of safe, fun things for you to do this summer with your roommates while still maintaining social distancing guidelines.

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