Resolve network issues quickly with a warehouse site survey!
Resolve network issues quickly with a warehouse site survey!

4 Benefits of a Wireless Site Survey

It's likely your network has taken on a lot more traffic in recent years with the number of networked devices being used by your employees.  Not only are office printers and computers connected, but smartphones, mobile computers, industrial barcode label printers, rugged tablets and even vehicle-mounted computers are connected for ease of use and increased worker productivity.
With all these devices working shift after shift, your network can be affected from a coverage, bandwidth and security standpoint if you don’t have the appropriate systems in place to support usage. Click the button below for this month's blog for ways in which a site survey can improve productivity, then contact us to get on the road to a robust network that will support today's needs and future growth.
Wireless Site Survey Blog

"Oops, there it is!"

How many times have you re-ordered inventory materials thought to be out of stock, only to find they were in your warehouse, just not in the right location? Barcom developed transaction to help you keep track of valuable assets, including people, inventory, and company equipment. Maintain better control of labor hours and maximize the life of company property with an application designed to save you time and money.
  • Inventory Control & Warehouse Management 
  • Production Reporting
  • Shop Floor Control
  • Asset Tracking & Much, Much More!
Along with innovative technology like the Zebra MC9300 mobile computer, we can design just the right features to help you improve efficiency in your warehouse with our very own transaction software. 
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The effects of COVID-19 on your technology

No, we're not referring to disinfecting your devices, we're talking about your business and the need to move forward despite a down economy.  If money is tight right now, we may be able to help you leverage recently-purchased equipment to gain capital for current business priorities.  Learn more about our partner, Vantage Leasing, in this video below, then download our Sale Leaseback one-sheet for creative solutions that keep your technology updated without breaking the bank.
Leasing info Sheet

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Think it's impossible to diagnose a barcode printer problem over the phone? Can't get your mobile computer to respond?  Contact our support team and we'll explore the situation together.
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