Connect your devices & get insight you need to operate more efficiently.
Connect your devices & get insight you need to operate more efficiently.

Elevate your performance with cloud technology.

Do you have visibility into your IT assets’ performance? 
Connect your industrial barcode printers, handheld scanners and mobile computing devices to the cloud and easily track, analyze and report on their operational effectiveness.
With Honeywell Operational Intelligence, you can follow critical functions like battery performance, scanner and printer transaction rates, and device usage levels. You can even monitor drop events and log printer issues to predict maintenance and repair costs and get a handle on unplanned downtime.
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Moving Your Systems to the Cloud?  Consider Barcom's Hosting Service.

If you’re looking at moving your systems to the cloud, you've come to the right place! Barcom already offers hosting for our transACTION clients, and is extending hosting services for organizations interested in moving their on-premise server to the cloud.
Creating your own cloud strategy can be complex without the tools and experience to prepare for various scenarios.  Contact us for details and pricing and see how we can offer true, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure. 
Hosting Inquiries

Need Support? Contact our Remote Helpdesk.

Times of crisis mean time to get creative!  There's no shortage of apps available to help overcome business hurdles associated with a pandemic.  We need to keep moving forward, conducting business, and interacting with friends and family as best as we know how.
At Barcom, we've been conducting over the phone, remote support diagnostics for ages.  Today, our trained technicians use a variety of technologies, including Microsoft Teams, to expand capabilities for a virtual ,'hands-on' experience with video and voice communications. 
Think it's impossible to diagnose a barcode printer problem over the phone? Can't get your mobile computer to respond?  Contact our support team and we'll explore the situation together.
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Keep your mobile and handheld devices free of germs

In a warehouse, 9 times out of 10 the devices being used are shared among co-workers, across multiple shifts. It's important for the health and safety of your employees to designate a safe cleaning space and procedure for proper cleaning of each type of device.  For equipment like handheld scanners, mobile computers and printers or tablets, the housing is susceptible to getting dried out, brittle and cracking if harsh chemicals are used on a regular basis.
Click below for helpful tips to keep you and your employees safe.  For information and recommendations on Honeywell-specific devices, please visit their website.
General Barcode Equipment Cleaning Tips
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