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Disasters, and their anniversaries, seem to come with too much frequency these days. Five years ago today, the Deepwater Horizon oil platform blew up and sank 45 miles from Plaquemines Parish, spilling millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf.
Looking ahead, we see leaders projecting that $50 billion will be spent on the coast over 50 years. This huge investment has the potential not only to help stabilize our state’s shore, but also to catalyze a vibrant new economic cluster, driving prosperity and sustainability for the region. The purpose of The Coastal Index 2015 is to start to quantify the size of the water management sector in Southeast Louisiana and to assess the key economic, social, and political factors affecting its development.
To be sure, The Index tracks water management in our Super Region with an aspirational lens – measuring it against indicators that have led to the success of biomedical research in the Research Triangle, logistics in Memphis, software in Austin, or computer technology in Silicon Valley. It treats water management as a cluster in order to discern whether it is or can become one.
In coming years, this report will provide updates to track the region’s performance on critical factors that can support the development of water management as a permanent specialization for the region. To learn more, check out:
The Coastal Index 2015

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