MAY 5, 2020

Field Trip Update

If you paid for a field trip or school event that did not happen, the district is currently working on a plan to refund money for these events, as appropriate.  More details will be available in the near future.

Instructional Update for Elementary & Middle Schools

After much discussion, we have decided that we are not going to grade assignments at the elementary and middle school levels for the remainder of the year. With six weeks remaining in the student school year, we still want every teacher to continue to reach out to students/parents and encourage assignments to be completed and that students receive feedback. We will continue to expect our staff to understand and respect the challenges our students may face in their personal remote learning situations. Thank you for your patience in anticipation of this decision.

End of Year Senior Events

Dear Class of 2020 Students, Parents and/or Guardians,
We all understand the difficult consequences brought on by the pandemic, but we as a school community are committed to close out your high school career with the same pride and dignity that has come to characterize the Class of 2020.

Due to the missed opportunities and experiences, all students who paid their senior dues will receive a full refund.  Items that were covered will be purchased by Colonial School District. 

Senior Awards - will be broadcast online via social media. Students who receive an award will be recognized during this ceremony. The date and time will be forthcoming.

After much deliberation with administration, staff, and representatives of the student body, it was decided that the graduation ceremony will be held virtually.  This difficult decision was made to align with the policies set forth by the Governor, CDC guidelines, and directives from the Delaware Dept. of Education.

The virtual ceremony will be held on June 13th at 6:00 p.m. The ceremony will consist of words of congratulations and encouragement from district officials. As each student’s name is called his/her picture will be displayed. 

The week of June 16th graduates will return to William Penn or Wallin to receive their diploma, cap and gown, senior t-shirt, and graduation program. Information about the diploma distribution and yearbooks will be forthcoming. Please use this form- to order your t-shirt and cap and gown size.

 We will coordinate official graduation pictures with professional photographers and invite graduates back to William Penn for their cap and gown picture as soon as they are allowed to reopen for business.  

Although we have made some adjustments to how we traditionally celebrate our Seniors, the Power of WE remains.  WE are committed to celebrating the Class of 2020; WE hold steadfast to the traditions of the Colonial School District and WE recognize the importance of graduating from the largest and greatest high school in the State of Delaware!

Support for Parents During These Trying Times

This is the first in a series of intentional communications with Colonial students and families to encourage all of you to allow yourself space and the time to process your personal experience of living through a pandemic and access support if necessary.  The “E” in The Power of WE is made up of Students, Staff, Family, and Community.  

Recognize and Validate Grief 

Everyone around us is experiencing some form of loss right now. The many difficult emotions you may be experiencing – sadness, disappointment, anger, guilt, frustration, or loneliness – are normal responses to abnormal conditions. We are grieving; and with grief, it is important to take a compassionate approach to ourselves and those around us. 

How can I practice self-compassion? 

Recognize and name the emotions you are experiencing. Check-in with yourself, just like you would for a friend. Give yourself permission to feel your feelings, whatever they may be. 

• Guilt, especially survivor’s guilt, is common during a widespread crisis, but it is not productive. 

Try to let it go. 

Practice self-kindness.
Treat yourself the way you would treat a friend! Kindness and compassion toward yourself is never selfish; in fact, it will help you maintain strength and resilience, ultimately enabling you to be a more effective support for others. 

Recognize the common humanity around you.
We are all in this together. Many people around the world are having the same kinds of experiences, thoughts, and feelings as you.

Access the link below to view some resources that may help you experience self-compassion.

Understand what is normal behavior for children and teens right now. With schools suddenly closed, many students feel cut off from social networks and are experiencing
confusion, stress, worry, and disappointment. The following reactions are common, but if they continue for two weeks or more, or are very significant changes from their normal behavior, it may indicate that your child or teen could use your help to manage what they are feeling.

Grades Pre K - 2
Excessive energy / Hyperactivity
Frequent crying / Tearfulness
Separation anxiety
Increased whining
Developmental regression (for example, toileting accidents)

Grades 3 - 6
Excessive energy / Hyperactivity
Excessive worry /
Repeated questions
Frequent crying / Tearfulness
Separation anxiety
Increased whining

Grades 7 - 12
Excessive worry /
Repeated questions
Poor concentration
Irritability / Anger
Difficulty sleeping

Colonial School Counselors and School Nurses Are Available

Your child’s School Counselor and School Nurse are available to address your questions and support your child.  Open the link below to view their contact information.
Colonial School Counselor and School Nurse Contact Info

The Castle Hills Connection Counts!

Kudos to Castle Hills for going beyond remote learning! This year the school adopted the motto “ALL scholars are OUR scholars,” and last week teachers completed contacting all 617 scholars in the school. Some did 1-on-1 zooms with the students and parents, some sent personal letters, while others even did drive-bys to say hello or to deliver a device while practicing social distancing (teacher Lozetta Hayden pictured above). The effort didn’t go unnoticed by parents. Jaylen Walker’s mother said, “I love the communication with my son’s teacher. I am so appreciative of the teachers taking the time to teach our children during this pandemic.” Matthew Myers’s mom expressed the same gratitude saying,” I am able to meet with my son’s teacher one-on-one every week through zoom and text her every other day.” Principal Janissa Nuneville applauds her teachers for going above and beyond the call of duty. “We truly believe that ALL scholars are OUR scholars,” she said.

It's  National Teacher Appreciation Week

Show your CSD Teacher how much you appreciate them with a message or a note here. Make sure to leave your name! 

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