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Faith (multimedia)

Contemplating gratitude this Thanksgiving season

Gratitude is a consistent theme found in FaithND content. Powered by the Notre Dame Alumni Association, FaithND emails daily gospel reflections to a community of 70,000. (Sign up.) A recent reflection, based on a passage in Luke, includes this thought:
"Gratitude helps us note and appreciate positive experiences, build strong relationships, deal with adversity, improve our health, increase our resiliency and view the future more confidently and optimistically." —David Boudrot '96  
Everyday Holiness, meanwhile, is a podcast produced by FaithND. In this episode, Knott Hall Rector Patrick Kincaid shares his gratitude for mentors who shaped him in light of his father's illness and passing, as well as the joys he experiences as rector forming young people. If you are looking for Thankgiving prayer to email someone or to say before dinner, FaithND has those too. Happy Thanksgiving! 

University News

$111 million provides resources to fight poverty

The University has a variety of tools to address the problems of the poor and to develop and measure the impact of anti-poverty programs. Now, thanks to a $111 million partnership between Notre Dame and the Pulte Family Charitable Foundation, the University is positioned to enhance and expand its practices, teaching and research to create, identify and advance programs that best serve those most in need. (More...)

One hundred and seventy-seven years ago today, Rev. Edward Sorin, C.S.C. founded the University of Notre Dame. Happy founding day!

Campus News

Education in Afghanistan Team wins Team Irish Award

In partnership with Balkh University in Afghanistan, a team of Notre Dame faculty and staff assisted with the design, delivery and assessment of a new master’s degree there. At the culmination of this first project, Balkh graduated its first class of 27, including eight women, in September 2018. (More...)

Martin Media Center

And the Emmys go to ...

Grotto Network celebrates its second anniversary today with three Emmy wins. One award-winning video — produced by Grotto's Josh Long, producer, and Javi Zubizarreta, senior producer — features Charles “Bike Man” Jenkins of South Bend, who has been repairing and building bikes for more than 50 years. (Watch the videos...)

Fighting Irish Media (FIM) — the video production, storytelling and athletics communication arm of Notre Dame Athletics — recently won four Emmys. One video takes you "Inside the Mind of Samantha Giacolone", a Lacrosse player. FIM executive producer Jodain Massad received an Emmy for directing, and producer Cody Baker received Emmys for audio, editing and writing. (Watch the videos...)


Muck Raking 

Earlier this month, University photographer Matt Cashore snapped this photo of maintenance worker Joe Negri cleaning out the mud (and treasure) that collected at the bottom of the reflective pool outside Hesburgh Library. Draining and cleaning the pool is a sure sign that winter is around the corner. The image is a recent Notre Dame Magazine Photo of the Week. (More...)  

Research (multimedia)

Unearthing the past 

Theology students look for clues buried in the ancient soil of the Holy Land. What they find could contribute to our understanding of life at the border of biblical Judah and Philistia, as well as the history of the land purchased in the 1960s for the University's campus there. It's the second in a three-part series produced by Strategic Content that includes podcasts, videos and photographs. (More...)

Taste that! (recipe)

Will bread pudding become a Thanksgiving favorite?

It's a fan favorite in the stadium, but how will it fare on the Thanksgiving table? Concessions kindly shared its prized recipe with NDWorks readers last week. If you make the dessert, let NDWorks know how it turned out. Don't forget to send photos too. Email NDWorks@nd.edu.


Mammograms: Dec. 4 & 12

Mammograms will be available on campus two dates in December. This preventive offering is available annually at no cost to female Notre Dame faculty and staff enrolled in a University medical plan (Anthem), beginning at age 40.


Don't forget: You get a 20% discount in the bookstore

Visit the website to get holiday gift ideas, but shop in person at any Hammes Notre Dame Bookstore location to get the 20 percent discount available to faculty and staff. Just present your Notre Dame ID at the register. The discount is also good at the outlet store, at 1610 N. Ironwood Drive. Plus, a portion of the proceeds from your purchase supports the University's academic mission. (More...)

Community News

Shopping on Black Friday? Ideas to add to your list ...

Stocking up on gift cards to fill Christmas stockings? Hannah's House is looking for elves to purchase gift cards to gas stations and grocery stores. When you're out shopping, look for a Salvation Army Red Kettle and thank the bell ringer. They volunteer to do that, and you can too!
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