This is a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff at Notre Dame.
This is a weekly newsletter for faculty and staff at Notre Dame.
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Photo of a candle burning at the Grotto.


Fr. Jenkins: “We know we have work to do ... ”

Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., wrote to the campus community Monday, June 8 about the recent killing of George Floyd, a black man, by Minneapolis police officers as he pleaded with one of them to take his knees off his neck so he could breathe. His death has led to vigils praying for an end to racism, as well as protests and riots across the country. Fr. Jenkins wrote:
"We know we have work to do in living fully the ideals we proclaim. Our black students and colleagues often feel less included in the Notre Dame community many of us cherish, and sometimes feel the sting of remarks and actions that make them feel demeaned or excluded. We must be honest about our failings, and commit to do better..."

Diversity and Inclusion

The Work and the Walk

Editor's note: A Q&A from last winter with Eric Love, director of staff diversity and inclusion, is of particular relevance in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police and the subsequent protests over racial injustice. (More...)
Artist Beatrice Bradley poses next to her painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


Where others saw a tree knot, this artist saw a frame...

If you've walked or run the paths around St. Joseph's Lake, you've likely seen the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe framed within the knot of a tree. The painting showed up during the summer of 2017 with few clues as to its origin, just the initials "B.B." Meet Beatrice Bradley. (More...)
2020 US Presidential Debate, Notre Dame, September 29


New citizens excited for presidential debate, election

Among the many benefits to U.S. citizenship is the right to vote, and that's what new citizens Michael Wiens, multimedia services coordinator and Dominic Chaloner, associate professor in biological sciences, look forward to the most. The fact that the first presidential debate will be held at Notre Dame makes it even more memorable. (More...)


Researchers creating material for new antimicrobial mask

Typical face masks used in health care can prevent the transmission of disease, but can only be used once. Nosang Vincent Myung, the Keating Crawford Endowed Professor in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, is among a team of Notre Dame researchers developing a new fabric for reusable antimicrobial masks. (More...)
Beautiful summer photo of the Warren Golf Course


Warren Golf Course implements precautions to open safely

While private golf courses across the state remained open when coronavirus became a pandemic in March, the Warren Golf Course exercised caution and closed. On Tuesday, June 2 the golf course reopened, after establishing numerous safety policies. The safe opening brings some normalcy to the lives of many local golfers, says general manager John Foster. (More...)

Work-Life Balance

Teamwork and flexibility help when working remotely

In recent months, many staff and faculty have adjusted to a virtual work style in addition to new family schedules. Notre Dame Research is among teams that have found ways to connect and adapt. Sugana Chawla and Jasmine Botello at the Center for Network and Data Science share their stories. (More...)
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