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Then, meet them tonight at Roe x RJ | Stories of Reproductive Justice
Then, meet them tonight at Roe x RJ | Stories of Reproductive Justice

Welcome New Our Justice Board Members!

"We are thrilled to welcome these four talented new board members to Our Justice! Angelica, Shayla, Corenia, and Stephanie bring new energy, skills, and perspectives to the helm of Our Justice. Each has a demonstrated commitment to the reproductive justice movement and to ensuring access to abortion care in the Midwest. This new generation of diverse leaders will help Our Justice thrive as we move into our second half-century of resisting reproductive oppression."
- Katie Barrett Wiik, Board Chair

Angelica Perez

I'm a Latina from a working-class background, the world that I aspire to and work towards professionally and personally is a world where people are able to live free from coercion and are given the tools to flourish.

I am firmly rooted in the reproductive justice framework and excited to help grow Our Justice so that as we envision our future, we are centering and uplifting the people we serve.

Corenia Smith

I am an active community member with a background in Reproductive Justice and human services and am excited to give back by lending my advisory skills to an organization like Our Justice.

As a femme of African ancestry, I bring strong communication, perspective, and leadership skills to my board member position. I have deep and nuanced understanding of  bodily autonomy. I also love books, astrology, parenting my dog, video games, dancing, food, and reproductive options.

Shayla Walker 

In challenging times it is important for us to be bold, not only to show the opposition that we are not afraid but more so to deepen our vision of how we imagine a just world to be. What would a Reproductive Justice board look like if we listened and trusted the people whose identities are at the intersections of the oppression we are looking to overcome? How can we practice for the future, today? 
I'm a Blacktina (Black & Dominican) Twin Cities native - a rare breed who loves Minneapolis just as much as I do St. Paul. I'm a pleasure activist empowering people in the struggle to acknowledge and uplift joy, humor & satisfaction. And, currently supports coalition building in the twin cities between BIPOC (Black, Ingenious, People of Color) birth workers and abortion providers.

Stephanie Shea

I believe that the ability to control our fertility is central to our ability to determine the course of our lives. Abortion funds level the playing field by bringing autonomy to those who are regularly denied that in their day-to-day. 

Our communities are demanding that we address the holistic set of issues that contribute to our reproductive decisions. I strive to use my professional and creative energy to bring these stories to the forefront and help ensure that people can get the care they need.

Meet our new board members tonight at

Roe x RJ | Stories of Reproductive Justice! 

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