Protect your baby from Group B Strep, keep your kidneys healthy, and more!
Protect your baby from Group B Strep, keep your kidneys healthy, and more!
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Highland Medical Welcomes Dr. Krishna
Welcome Murali G. Krishna, MD, FCCP
Highland Medical proudly welcomes Murali G. Krishna, MD, FCCP to Pulmonary Medicine Associates in Nyack, NY. Dr. Krishna will also serve as the Section Chief and Medical Director of Pulmonary Medicine at Montefiore Nyack Hospital. LEARN MORE
Expecting a Baby? Get Your Group B Strep Test

Get Tested for Group B Strep to Protect Your Baby

At least one-quarter of pregnant women carry a common bacteria called group B strep (GBS). The bacteria is not normally dangerous to women, but it can have serious health consequences for newborns. Fortunately, there are ways to help protect babies from GBS, according to Naji Abdul Wajid, DO, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Highland Medical, P.C., OBS-GYN of Rockland in New City and 
Stony Point.
Inside Health Works Fall 2021

Montefiore Nyack Hospitals Fall Issue of Health Works

The latest issue of Health Works features the full opening of The FJ Borelli Family Emergency Center; genetic testing for breast cancer risk; and the incredible patient story of how The Emergency Department and new Cardiac Catheterization Lab saved a young father’s life after a near-fatal heart attack and his journey toward a full recovery with the help of our Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center.
Protect Your Kidneys

Take Steps to Protect Your Kidneys

Keeping your diabetes and high blood pressure under control are the most important things you can do to keep your kidneys healthy, according to Pavela Saha, MD, a nephrologist at Montefiore Nyack Hospital and Highland Medical Rockland Renal Associates. “When you look at patients on dialysis for end-stage kidney disease, 50% have diabetes, while 27% have hypertension. The rest have autoimmune or other conditions,” she said.
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