Vanderbilt Tuberculosis Center

Special Guest Lecture tomorrow, ID Faculty Candidate

CROI 2022 is now fully virtual! 

Check out poster presentations from Drs. Peetluk and Wada on February 15. Congrats on the author teams for this exciting research!

Dr. Peetluk will present from 2:00 to 3:30 pm MST

Dr. Wada will present from 2:00 to 3:30 pm MST

Funding Opportunities

Contract Solicitation - 2022 NIAID Omnibus Broad Agency Announcement

  • NIAID 2022 OMNIBUS BROAD AGENCY ANNOUNCEMENT (BAA) NO. HHS-NIH-NIAID-BAA2022-1 contains four (4) distinct Research Areas, each with a specified closing date and time.  
  • An Amendment will be issued at a later date to update the proposal due date for responses to Research Areas 001, 002, 004.  The proposal due dates for each Research Area can be found HERE!
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