Dear Fenwick Community,

With the Baccalaureate Mass, other year-end festivities last week, and commencement exercises on Friday for the Fenwick Class of 2023, we didn’t want to detract from their deserved recognition and celebration by issuing this statement earlier, but we do want to respond to the Illinois State Attorney General’s “Report on Catholic Clergy Child Sex Abuse in Illinois” that was issued last Tuesday, May 23.

We encourage you to read the Archdiocese of Chicago’s
reply from Cardinal Cupich from last Tuesday for the specific policies of the Archdiocese that have been in place for over thirty years and the “Policy Regarding Ethical Ministry to Minors,” which was endorsed in 1990 by the Provincial Council of the Province of St. Albert the Great, the sponsor of Fenwick High School, to combat this evil within the Church.

Specifically to the thirteen Dominican friars listed in the
Attorney General’s Report, eleven had been previously named in the “Status of Friars” on the Province of St. Albert the Great’s (central U.S.) website.  The other two - Stuart Campbell and Bernadine George Dyer - are listed on the Province of St. Joseph (eastern U.S.) website.

Of the thirteen friars in the Attorney General’s report, two are identified as having been assigned to Fenwick at some point in the past.  Of the thirteen, however, four actually spent time at Fenwick:  Richard Butler (1975-1988), Stuart Campbell (1931-1934), Dan Ostdiek (1962 to 1972 and 1998-2001) and Mike Winkels (2000-2021).

Brother Carlos Griego, who was not identified in the AG's report as having spent time at Fenwick and had previously been named on the Province of St. Albert the Great's website, did in fact serve at Fenwick from 1984 to 1993.

None of the reported instances of alleged abuse were during any of the friars’ time at Fenwick.

Fenwick High School and the Province of St. Albert the Great remain committed to providing a safe environment for all stakeholders in our communities, especially the students in our care.  We acknowledge the past history of abuse in the Church and have implemented safeguards, policies and procedures to ensure these instances do not occur in the future.

If you have any questions or know of anyone related to Fenwick High School or the Province of St. Albert the Great that has suffered from clerical sexual abuse, please contact the provincial office of the Province of St. Albert the Great:  312-243-0011.

Thank you.


Fr. Richard Peddicord, O.P.

Fenwick High School is owned and sponsored by the Dominican Friars of the Province of St. Albert the Great headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
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