Dear Parents and Carers

At the end of this introduction to the newsletter are a collection of photographs and information about some of the wonderful work that our children have been completing in the run up to Christmas. Please take time to enjoy this and appreciate just how hard your children work and how brilliant some of the results are.

As we approach the end of a long and busy term it is with a feeling of sadness that we have had to isolate the whole of Year 1 and a Year 3 class in recent weeks. We, as a school community with your support have worked so hard to keep everyone safe and to keep the school virus free. We do take some relief in the fact that the virus was not caught in school as the track and trace system was able to show.

We would like to ask you all to be mindful of each other. We really do not want anybody to be poorly over the Christmas period. For this reason, we need to continue to protect each other by maintaining our high standards that have, thankfully, kept most of us safe so far. Please continue to wear a mask, if you are able, at pick up and drop off, only one adult on site, keep your distance and think carefully about the impact on others that group gatherings on the playground and school path may have. We are hopeful that there is a glimmer of light at the end of this very long, dark tunnel that has been most of 2020. Stay safe, everyone, and thank you so much for your messages of support for the teachers and staff at school, in what has been a very challenging time for everyone.

Wellbeing of our Children

We all know how stressful recent times have been and it is sometimes difficult to know where we can get help for our children. Below are several websites and organisations from whom help can be obtained.

MindEd - a free educational resource from Health Education England on children and young people's mental health. 

Rise Above is a website co-created and produced by young people.

Every Mind Matters includes an online tool and email journey which aims to support everyone to feel more confident in taking action to look after their mental health and wellbeing.

Attached to this newsletter is a booklet entitled ‘Online safety tips to support young children’, hopefully this will support you in how to keep your children safe when online.

Virtual Parent/Teacher meetings – in the spring term

We look forward to meeting with you, virtually, through Microsoft Teams following the Christmas break. We have our fingers crossed that all the technology behaves itself! If not, then teachers will conduct meetings by telephone so please do not worry. There will be an online booking system for 10-minute appointments and letters explaining all of this will be sent out closer to the time.

Accelerated Reader

We have started to send home Accelerated Reader books for some classes. I want to alleviate any concerns that you may have regarding this process - all books are quarantined before they are sent home and then quarantined again upon their return before they are then shared with another child. Safety will always come first but in this we would not want the love of reading and books to be lost. 

Points of Information

Changes in Contact Details/Medical Conditions
Please remember to update the School Office with any changes in contact details and/or health needs or allergies your child may have. 

Please ensure that the school has a valid number to contact you on during the day.  If you are unable to access your mobile phone, please provide us with an alternative number in case of any emergencies.


Please can we ask that parents are considerate to our neighbours when they are dropping off/picking up their children, by not parking across driveways – including the driveway to the flats at the end of the school entrance. Thank you.  

Our neighbours, like you, also have to take their children to school and blocking their driveways stops them from getting in or out. We thank you for your co-operation.    
Click HERE to view the 'online safety tips to support young children' booklet.
Anne Franklin
Head of Primary
Primary News
Harvest Festival
Last half term, ARA celebrated Harvest Festival with a whole afternoon filled with a range of activities. We learnt about what Harvest Festival was but also linked this to the idea of poverty around the world, more specifically in Africa. ARA teamed up with the charity to raise money to help keep children stay alive and healthy. Children took part in a ‘design an envelope’ competition with the theme of An African Jungle. We were amazed by the number of participants we had but also would like to thank parents, guardians, and carers for their generosity. As a school, we have raised £167.66.
Below is a statement from the charity on their gratitude to the school:

‘On behalf of the team, I'd like to say thank you so much for working with us this year for the Harvest Festival and for the generosity of Alec Reed Academy. With your support, we'll be able to continue discovering, designing, and delivering new ways to keep children alive and healthy.’

There were 4 runner ups for the competition and their designs are displayed below:
The overall winner will be chosen by the charity and once we have that information we will inform the children.

We would just like to take another opportunity to display our gratitude to you all - Thank You!

Miss Goraya
Forces in Action in Year 5
This half term year 5 have been learning all about forces. Children learnt new scientific terminology such as water resistance, upthrust and streamlined and have conducted an experiment to answer the big question: Does the weight of an object change in water? The children have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and look forward to science next half term!
Forces in Action in Year 5
The children of Giraffe class took part in computing dazzle day. They thoroughly enjoyed learning all about coding and programming games. They even made their own games from scratch with their peers whilst exploring different variations in coding. Well done to you all! 
Squirrel Class - Year 1
Well done to Squirrel class in Year 1 for producing some brilliant work! – They have created some amazing firework silhouette paintings that are currently on display in Squirrel classroom linking to History topics studied this term. 
Christmas Jumper Day!
Well done to all children and staff for celebrating Christmas Jumper day in style! The winners from each key stage are underneath:

Aaleyah - Kingfisher: Antlers on her hood!

Luka in Koala class - attached his own Christmas lights to his jumper!
Lower KS2:

Frazor in Lynx class

Vinnie in Giraffe - Light up jumper which plays music
Winter Haiku Poems
A Haiku is a poem with only 3 lines. It has to have the right number of syllables in each line. 5, 7, 5. Read these written by Nicole and Jose.  

Winter is coming 

Snow and frosty ice around 

Glowing and sparkling 

by Nicole

Cold outside with snow 

This Christmas is coming soon 

Trees covered in snow 

by Jose
Monthly Science Challenge
Well done to all the children that took part in the Monthly Science Challenge and have managed to come up with creative ways of trying to stay safe in the dark. There were many great entries and it was hard to choose a winner.
Please can we congratulate Jessica and Sagal from Albatross class and Bianca from Manatee class for their great efforts!! 
Another a massive well done to all the children have been out hunting for different leaves. There were many great entries and it was hard to choose a winner. Please can we congratulate Loran and Carl from Eagle class and Eva from Lynx class for their great efforts!! 

We will be looking out for more winners each month! 
TFL Stars
Since 1985/86, the proportion of children nationally travelling to school by car has increased from 16% to 29%. Therefore, children are getting less exercise and have less opportunity to learn about their neighbourhood and about travelling independently.
This is why Alec Reed Academy are working with the Transport For London STARS team to develop our school into a more active travel friendly school. We will be taking part in different activities throughout the year to develop our awareness of road safety, benefits of active travel and learning about our local environment.

Please see below our walking to school map: 
School Council Healthy Recipe
Do you fancy trying a delicious new recipe over the holidays?
Well, Emilia has written a fantastic recipe, for a Tuna and Avocado Salad, please feel free to try making it for yourself! 
Tuna and Avocado Salad:
If you fancy something different, then why not try, Fatima’s amazing chickpea salad!
Chickpea Salad
Promoting Healthy Choices
Below are some top tips on how to keep your family healthy and happy!!
Issue 86 - 16th December 2020
School Uniform Shop

The Academy is operating social distancing and has closed the physical shop until further notice. Parents are asked to use the Academy’s online shop, and information about how to use the online shop is below.
Items can be purchased online through our web site. To see the online shop click here to view and order the uniform. Detailed measurements for items of uniform are shown below to help you assess which size will fit your child. If you need further information or assistance, please email

Payment should be made by credit or debit card, you do not need a Parent Pay account.

Once orders have been placed online, you will be notified by email when your order is ready. This normally takes 2 to 4 days.

During term time, the order will be given to your child to take home. If any items ordered are out of stock, we will contact you by email to let you know the date we expect to fulfil the order. For pupils starting mid-year, you will be given a time to collect your items. To collect items, you should come to the Main Reception.
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Home Corner
Giving you ideas for learning with your child at home
E-Safety Top Tips:
• Did you know the minimum age for Facebook is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Instagram is 13?
• Did you know the minimum age for Snapchat is 13?
BBC Schools
Search for learning games, activities, worksheets to help your child learn at home: Click here for BBC Schools resources
National Literacy Trust 
The NLT provides lots of great ideas for learning at home with your child. 
Click here for NLT inspiration and resources!
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