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Highest Recruiting Chapters
Top recruiting chapters of Winter/Spring 2020:
1. University of Southern California - 43
2. Santa Clara University - 20
3. California Polytechnic State University - 16
4. University of Central Florida - 13
5. University of North Carolina at Charlotte - 9

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Know anyone who should be in ZBT? Refer them or email David Rind.
Apply for a scholarship from the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation

Did you know there are scholarships available to the brothers of Zeta Beta Tau through the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation?
Since its inception in 1952, the Foundation has awarded more than $1,600,000 in scholarships to deserving ZBT brothers. The Foundation is proud to have awarded two single $10,000 scholarships, the largest in its history, to brothers earlier this year.

The link to the application is found on the Zeta Beta Tau Foundation website. All initiated brothers who have completed at least two academic semesters are eligible.

The complete list of requirements can be found here, which has been shared with all undergraduate brothers. The application deadline is February 29, 2020.

Fees and Dues
Spring program fees are due March 15th, 2020! Also, all fees and dues for the year are to be paid in full by March 31st, 2020. Contact Shelley with questions.
Work for ZBT

Become a Chapter Development Consultant for the 2020-21 school year. Click here to learn more about the position. Interviews begin on February 17, but applications are accepted on a rolling basis.
Apply for a Chapter Heritage Grant!

Want to plan a heritage program but don’t have the budget for it? ZBT can help! If your chapter partners with another Jewish organization on campus or in your community and puts on a program that focuses on Israel advocacy, Israel education, Jewish educational programming, nationally recognized ZBT days of remembrance or Jewish holidays, you can receive up to $1500 to put on your event
Last year, 15 chapters received funds to put on innovative programs on their campuses. Examples of the events are co-sponsoring Israel Day Festivals, planting butterfly bushes in honor of lives lost in the Holocaust and sponsoring a Shabbat Dinner with an interesting and impactful speaker. This is a great way to connect with other organizations and work together to make an impact at your school.
Apply here. Questions? Contact Sheri Rosenberg, Director of Hate Prevention and Jewish Enrichment. 
Officer Transitions
Officer transitions can be tricky, don't let your chapter be left out! This officer G&W is sent specifically to current chapter officers and advisors. If your chapter recently held elections and you are no longer an officer, be sure to update your chapter's records in Vault to reflect the new officers. Also take this opportunity to forward your successor this newsletter, as he may not have received it. For assistance with updating officers, check with your staff liaison or contact Taylor Moreau.
Standards of Execellence Update
Don't wait until April to submit materials from the fall! Get credit for fundraising, campus involvement, heritage programs, newsletters, recruitment, governing documents and more. Remember, chapters need to meet at least 12 of 16 accreditation areas to be award-eligible. All information can be viewed at, click here for the submission portal and you can track you chapter's scoring here. Contact Brian with any questions.
ZBT & Upper Crust
Looking for great house chefs for next year? ZBT National Housing is proud to suggest Upper Crust Food Service!

Proudly serving sororities and fraternities, Upper Crust Food Service is known for freshness, quality, variety, and excellent customer service. Upper Crust Food Service began with a vision to solve a problem that many fraternity and sorority houses face-- lack of consistency and professionalism in the kitchen. With a focus on great food and personal service, they've remained true to their roots. Today, the chefs of Upper Crust Food Service prepare tens of thousands of meals weekly for students across the country.

The 2020 Regional Officer Institutes will be held throughout the country in Spring 2020. These are trainings for officers and advisors. Please attend the one that is most convenient for your chapter based off location. Note that it is mandatory that ALL chapters and colonies have at least four officers at one of the regional officer training programs. It is recommended that all officers attend the same Regional Officer Institute. 

You are required to send the following positions:  
• President or Operations Director
• Brotherhood Development Director or Programming Director
• Risk Prevention and Wellness Director
• Recruitment Director
• Advisor

You will need to arrive by 8am on the day of your session. It is expected that participating in all events occurs in order to receive credit for participating in this program. If you do not fully participate, or you arrive late/leave early, your chapter will be fined $250 per registrant that is a no-show or does not fully participate.
For more information and the full schedule, click here.
Know the Code
ZBT brothers are held to the ZBT Code of Conduct. Since its creation, the Code regularly undergoes updates and revisions as needed. The Supreme Council makes and votes on these changes. It is crucial that ALL members know what is in the Code, as they are held accountable to it.
This month, we want to take a look at Chapter 12: Risk Management (or how to plan fun and safe events).
The Risk Management Policy of Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity includes the provisions, which follow and
shall apply to all fraternity entities and all levels of fraternity membership.
SECTION 1 – Policy Concerning Drugs and Alcohol.
(a) Zeta Beta Tau members and guests must comply with all federal, state, provincial and local
laws. No person under the legal drinking age may possess, consume, provide or be provided
alcoholic beverages.

(b) Alcoholic beverages must not be purchased with chapter/organizational funds or funds
pooled by members or guests (e.g., admission fees, cover fees, collecting funds through
digital apps, etc.).

(c) Common sources of alcohol, including bulk quantities, which are not being served by a
licensed and insured third party vendor, are prohibited (i.e., amounts of alcohol greater than
what a reasonable person should consume over the duration of an event).

(d) Zeta Beta Tau members and guests must follow the federal law regarding illegal drugs and
controlled substances. No person may possess, use, provide, distribute, sell, and/or
manufacture illegal drugs or other controlled substances while on chapter/organizational
premises or at any activity or event sponsored or endorsed by the chapter/organization.

(e) Zeta Beta Tau Chapters must not co-host or co-sponsor, or in any way participate in, an
activity or event with another group or entity that purchases or provides alcohol. In addition,
Zeta Beta Tau Chapters must not co-host or co-sponsor an event with a bar, event promoter,
or alcohol distributor; however, a chapter/organization may rent a bar, restaurant, or other
licensed and insured third-party vendor to host a chapter/organization event.

(f) Any event or activity related to the new member joining process (e.g., recruitment, intake,
rush, etc.) must be substance free. No alcohol or drugs may be present if the event or activity
is related to new member activities, meetings, or initiation into Zeta Beta Tau, including but
not limited to “bid night,” “big/little” events or activities, “family” events or activities, and
any ritual or ceremony.

(g) Attendance by non-members at any event where alcohol is present must be by invitation
only, and the chapter/organization must utilize a guest list system. Attendance at events with
alcohol is limited to a 3:1 maximum guest-to-member ratio, and must not exceed local fire or
building code capacity of the chapter/organizational premises or host venue.

(h) Zeta Beta Tau members or guests must not permit, encourage, coerce, glorify or participate
in any activities involving the rapid consumption of alcohol, such as drinking games.

(j) That failure to abide by these policies may result in actions including but not limited to:
investigative status, interim Suspension, probation, or show cause hearing at the discretion of
The Supreme Council.

We want all ZBT chapters to have fun and have safe events. The Fraternity has many resources to help you plan events, but it is key that all men understand the expectations.

Your liaison and staff are here to help. A great tool is the Risk Reduction Protocol. This tool should be done for every social event you plan and helps keep you aligned with ZBT. Also, please check with your campus Fraternity and Sorority life staff to make sure you are aware of any campus policies and expectations around social event planning.

What's happening at your chapter?
Alumni want to hear from you! We encourage every chapter and colony to submit an update or a photo for the next edition of the Digital Deltan. It's great to be a ZBT!  |  317-334-1898  |  Instagram  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Digital Deltan
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