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NASHVILLE, TENN. (AUGUST 27, 2021) Integrity Music is thrilled to welcome Miami-based singer/ songwriter and worship leader Steph Alessi Muiña to the family. Introducing Steph Alessi Muiña, the label has released her debut single, "Wouldn't Change A Thing," today along with the official music video (see below). Her debut song will also be going for adds at radio beginning next week, but it has already been added by stations ahead of the add date. 
Born and raised in her parents' church, Metro Life Church in Miami, along with her three siblings, Muiña developed a deep love and calling for God's Church at a young age discovering her musical gifts. As the current director of worship at the church, she has grown into her passion and craft of songwriting in her community. She released an independent EP in 2017 along with many projects with Metro Life Worship, and she is excited to share her story through her own songs with this first single followed by an EP next year. 
“My songs are a mirror to my journey with the Lord,” Steph Alessi Muiña says, “I don’t hide but use them [the songs] to process what I am learning, figuring out, and going through. I started writing and journalling songs as a child when I went through a time of loneliness and developed a close relationship with the Lord. I think this is where I learned how to process my emotions. Songwriting was and is like therapy to me."  
After a difficult time in her twenties, she was reminded of her early years of journaling and how that prepared the path for her to put her journey into songs. Like many, this year has been a season of reflection and even clarity during the pandemic. She recalls that even during this season of uncertainty, God's unwavering trust and timing were evident from meeting and marrying her husband to being able to collaborate with songwriters all over the country even during a global crisis. 
“During a time I thought I'd be set back due to everything going on, it actually really accelerated me forward and the timing couldn’t be more perfect," she shares about this last year. "My testimony and my journey lined up with the timing of Integrity Music and I’m so honored by the opportunity to put my songs out there and have an incredible team partnering with me to help people hear them and be ministered to by them.”
The debut single, "Wouldn't Change A Thing," focuses on the theme of coming out of a hard season and singing the faithfulness of God. More to come from Steph Alessi Muiña as she begins her journey with Integrity Music and encouraging the church in her way. 
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