Solid Public Health Policy
Solid Public Health Policy
governor inslee orders us to stay home

From the CEO

Nancy L. Belcher, Ph.D. MPA, CEO King County Medical Society

Well, it happened, and I'm glad. Governor Inslee just ordered Washington residents to stay home as much as possible in an extraordinary effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus.
Last Friday Gov. Inslee said, “If people continue to ignore this common-sense provision, I will go farther to protect 7 million Washingtonians. So I am asking you — and you may say I am pleading with you — to stay home unless it is necessary for you to go out. I am asking both businesses and individuals to accomplish this". 
Today's order is forcing all Washingtonians to stay home. It will exempt businesses and agencies that provide essential services, like grocery stores, pharmacies, and of course, hospitals/doctor’s offices, or are considered critical infrastructure.

The order has no specific end date but will provide us with a better opportunity to get people to comply with social distancing. You can still take a walk and go to the grocery store, just stay at least six feet away from anybody you don’t live with and be mindful of others. How the state and local orders will be enforced remains unclear.
This is a solid Public Health Policy that is trying to flatten the curve and expand the capacity of an already stretched health care system. This is an unprecedented move made by leaders who understand the value of decreasing potential exposure to Covid-19 which will, in turn, save lives. I think we will look back at this decision as pivotal and we will applaud the Governor. Thank you, Governor Inslee.

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