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  October 2018

A man reads a paper and considers his options for starting over.

Starting Fresh After Major Life Changes
Maybe you're re-entering the workforce after caring for children or aging parents; or maybe you had to take time off due to an illness or injury. Regardless of why you want to start over, there are free and low-cost resources to help.
Considering a career change? Ask the right questions before hiring a coach, and explore free online tools to coach yourself. 
Rebuilding your financial life? Create a debt repayment plan and start making on-time payments as soon as possible.
Whatever your future holds, the better your finances are, the more options you will have.
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Life Transition Resources
Life changes come in all forms — some joyful, some challenging. Even positive opportunities can be stressful. Start with these trustworthy resources when you’re facing a major life transition in your household, employment or finances.  
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SAM's Lesson of the Month: Risks of  a HELOC
Consider closing costs, fees, interest and potential penalties before taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC).
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