Student Services Newsletter: Creating Opportunity, Cultivating Success at Alder GSE
August 2022 | First Quarterly Release

Dear Hedgehogs,
The Student Services Team at Alder GSE is excited to provide student services resources and reminders to our students. As we emerge into the school year, we understand all the obligations you are juggling. We feel for you and understand that being a student means being a full-time graduate student and teacher, while also balancing personal and family responsibilities. You will be making an immense impact on the lives of your students--we deeply appreciate your commitment to them and to the profession! Our goal for the quarterly newsletter is to ensure you have every resource available to you so you can continue to excel in the classroom and your studies.  
The following highlights, reminders, and updates aim to provide access to information related to Alder GSE. 
Please reach out to with any questions. 
Student Services Highlights
Please help us welcome the return of our Academic and Research Librarian, Dr. Ray Pun! Dr. Pun has presented extensively and published numerous articles on a variety of topics including information literacy, digital divide, global librarianship, diversity matters in academic libraries and student engagement. He is an active member of the American Library Association and the Association of College and Research Libraries. He holds an EdD, a Master of Library Sciences, a Master of Arts in East Asian Studies and a BA in History. Feel free to contact him and read more from him in our Librarian’s section, below!
Alder Wellness Supports - We know how busy the residency year can be, so we hope you will check out the robust wellness resources overview, including EAP resources and TESS offered to all our residents. The supports they offer include counseling services, financial/legal advice, and daily wellness updates.
TimelyCare- Alder is excited to partner with TimelyMD to deliver TimelyCare– a new virtual health and well-being program for students. The service will provide access to 24/7 medical and mental virtual health care from anywhere in the United States, with no cost to visit!  Licensed providers are available to offer medical and mental health support via phone or secure video visits via the TimelyCare app or your computer. Click here to learn more!
Alder GSE Store -- Check out the Alder Swag Store- Here! 
"Making the Residency Work" Regional Resource Guides
The Student Services Team has developed regional Making It Work resources that are supportive, aid in financial and mental health wellbeing, are available in your local community, and focus on ensuring capacity to make the residency work. Access the resources by region below:
Friendly Reminders
  • This is a friendly reminder, to those pursuing the residency, from your enrollment team that now is a great time to take care of your US Constitution and CPR requirements if you haven’t already. Please check your Populi profile under the Student tab to see if these requirements are complete. If not, here are some useful links: US Constitution:, CPR: For CPR, be sure to get the Adult, Infant, Child or Adult/Pediatric certification. Questions? Contact us at
Wellness Corner: Promoting wellness through healthy lifestyles and support services.
We all deserve some hope and joy despite the struggle. Here is the August calendar from the Greater Good Science Center at Cal Berkeley to help you practice a day-to-day guide in self-belief.
998 Lifeline- This is a direct connection to compassionate, accessible care for anyone experiencing mental health-related distress, including thoughts of suicide, mental health or substance use crisis, or other emotional struggles. People can call the Lifeline if they are worried about a loved one who may need emergency support.
How to Set Healthy Boundaries with Friends by Carmen Smith LCSW, DD- Setting healthy relationship boundaries with your friends might feel awkward at first, but the process is integral for any friendship that’s going to withstand the test of time. Here, you’ll read how to set mutually beneficial boundaries in your friendships, so that they can potentially endure a lifetime of rewards without faltering during the challenging times.
  • Reading and Writing at the Graduate Level (RWGL) Workshops: All resources and recordings from the summer's RWGL workshops are stored on Canvas for you to access throughout the year. These resources include how to cite APA format correctly, and academic reading and writing strategies. We'll also be hosting monthly gatherings later in the fall. Stay tuned for more information!
  • We also started a new podcast called, "The Grad's Student's Voice." Hear what your classmates are sharing for tips and advice on managing academic work! 
  • Preparing for upcoming exams? Be sure to check out our test support database: Mometrix! You can access it on our library website and try out the practice questions for CBEST, CSET, or RICA. In addition, you can always use the library's on Canvas (or in the library homepage) to chat with a live tutor to review specific subjects such as Math and Sciences. Good luck! 
  • If you have any questions, please reach out at

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