Showcasing the innovative Circlemiser - Air Cooled Chiller Series
Showcasing the innovative Circlemiser - Air Cooled Chiller Series
Geoclima CircleMiser - Air Cooled Chiller Series with Cylindrical Condensers and Flooded Evaporators
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From the ultra-efficient technology of Turbomiser comes Circlemiser, the new and most efficient series of air cooled chillers present on the market.
The new Circlemiser series is characterized by incomparable performance and high efficiency levels, with an increase in EER up to + 15%, improving the already very high efficiency of Turbomiser technology.

The technological innovation of Circlemiser is in the design and development of special cylindrical condensers, and the installation of cascade flooded evaporators.

*EER in accordance with ANSI/AHRI STANDARD 550/590 (I-P).

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Geoclima Circlemiser Cylindrical Condensers

Cylindrical condensers

The new Circlemiser series is characterized using microchannel condensers with the heat exchange surface increased by 45% compared to traditional condensers, thanks to the special cylindrical
configuration of the heat exchanger.

Cascade flooded evaporator

The cascade arrangement of the evaporators increases the evaporation temperature and, at the same time, reduces energy consumption.Using this type of evaporator Geoclima has been able to further increase efficiency across the range of the Turbomiser air cooled chillers.
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