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  November 2018

Female doctor assists young patient after discussing key health care acronyms with her parents.

Know Your Health Care Acronyms
Acronyms are created with the first letter of each word in a phrase — and there are a lot of acronyms in the world of health care (for example, HSA is short for Health Savings Account and PCP is short for Primary Care Physician). Learn the ABCs of health care terminology to get the most out of your medical coverage.
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Cyber Monday

Watch your Wi-Fi connection, research unknown companies and verify charitable organizations before accepting Cyber Monday offers. (And if something looks "phishy," don't click the link.)
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SAM's Lesson of the Month:
Insurance to Avoid
Adequate insurance is a key component of financial stability, but there are some forms of insurance that often are not necessary. Do you know which insurance to avoid?
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