Iván Ramírez - Head of Conservation
The EU is currently dedicating 0,3% of its overall budget to the LIFE Programme for nature. Our experts found that even with that ridiculous amount, LIFE has created 74,500 jobs, an economic growth of 9.3 billion EUR from 2009-2015.  But there is more, the non – market value of the results achieved through nature projects alone is estimated to be 43 billion EUR. Iif it works…multiply it!!.  Read more...

Of the 25 projects shortlisted for this year's Natura 2000 'European Citizens Award', eight involved the work of our BirdLife partners. Hearty congratulations to our partners in Bulgaria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Ireland and the UK for this fantastic recognition! The winner, chosen by public vote be announced at the Natura 2000 Awards ceremony in Brussels on 17 May.

BirdWatch Ireland's 'The Roseate Terns of Rockabill Island'

On its 20th anniversary, we remember the Aznalcóllar disaster in Spain when the dumping of toxic sludge from a mining raft reached the country's spectacular Doñana National Park.

Sustainable grassland management, as the result of cooperation between nature conservationists and farmers in the Eempolder Nature Reserve in the Netherlands, has brought good news for Black-tailed Godwits and breeding waders.
In Belarus, spring hunting continues unabated. Every year it is a thorny issue for conservationists trying to ensure that society, hunters and lawmakers understand the huge environmental repercussions.  

Logging in Polish forest ruled illegal by European Court

BirdLife verdict of leaked CAP post-2020 proposal 

EU countries are draging feet on nature protection 

European Court finds Bulgaria at fault over Rila Mountains
Sir David Attenbourgh
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