Let's stay connected while we're apart.
Let's stay connected while we're apart.
April 2020


These are strange days for everyone, and the world of nonprofits and the world of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful are no different. Things have slowed down in our world, but the earth keeps on turning. It is not lost on me as I sit in my home office that this week marks not only the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, but also the beginning of Volunteer Appreciation Week.  Normal circumstances would mark this confluence with a celebration of what we have all accomplished in making Cincinnati cleaner, safer, healthier and stronger through the efforts of more than 10,000 volunteers each and every year.  These two occasions would also mark for us a re-dedication that there remains so much more to do.  It would be a call to action to gather friends, neighbors, civic and religious groups and take to the streets of our City to remove trash, reduce blight, fight environmental crimes, and connect with each other.  Most of all it would be a wonderful opportunity to engage with friends, old and new, who share our passion for our City and our environment.
We're Honored :)
"To celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2019, the nonprofit Keep Cincinnati Beautiful created a simple yet visually bold mural along a neglected 3,000-square-foot wall in Camp Washington, just off Martin Luther King Drive near its overpass with Central Parkway. Along the length of the once-dismal-looking, graffiti-prone wall, the organization’s volunteers painted “Cincinnati Is Beautiful” in brilliantly colorful block letters that have a 3D effect. And then they ended it with a touch of finality by adding a dreamy sky-blue period, thus turning an isolated phrase into a fiercely proud sentence. Subject, verb, object . . . it’s proper English. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful uses public murals and other art as a “catalyst for reducing blight, crime and illegal graffiti. Eyesores in a community — things like vacant buildings, tagged retaining walls and rusty chain link fences — are turned into community assets by using the neglected space to create simple, low cost works of art,” says Claire Bryson, arts program co-director, via email. In this instance, the art program also teaches good English."

Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd
Because of public health and safety concerns around COVID-19, Earth Day activites have been postponed. Thankfully, we live in a time where we can all remain connected and celebrate in different ways.
Earth Day Network is transforming its 50th Anniversary event to a digital platform. During April, EARTHRISE 2020 is delivering calls to action that will mobilize individuals to protect the planet in a unified voice.


We’re committed to keeping Cincinnati beautiful, which means supporting each other in these uncertain times. While we're all staying healthy at home, we're finding new ways to connect and do beautiful things. 
Keep America Beautiful said it best. "We have been defining beautiful as “clean and green” for over six decades. But beautiful can be more than that. Beautiful is people practicing random acts of kindness. Beautiful is people coming together as a community. Beautiful is recognizing humanity, compassion, and heroism in a time of need. This year, we are all forced to do beautiful things virtually – at least for now."
One of the ways we're "doing beautiful things" is by supporting our local businesses and encouraging you to grow green habits. We're currently running a social media contest, giving away $50 giftcards to a winner each week. Follow us on Facebook and participate for a chance to win!
Learn about some ways to REDUCE your waste with our Education Team

Some good news to focus on: Thanks to a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, our small fleet has a new look! We can't wait to show them off at cleanup events once we get the all clear to resume activities. 


Cincinnati is Beautiful. We're committed to keeping it that way. Keep Cincinnati Beautiful empowers people to build community and create a positive future through neighborhood revitalization, education, and mobilization. Our grassroots network of neighbors, sponsors, and volunteers put passion to work creating safer, cleaner spaces and a higher quality of life for everyone.
Rise up, Queen City. Rep the crown.
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