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The impact of original photography versus stock when communicating to your clients

Steve Bamburak, Associate Creative Director
Something strange happened in 1999 and it certainly wasn’t the fall of civilization due to Y2K. While Bill Clinton faced and defeated impeachment charges, Jesse Ventura was sworn in as Governor of Minnesota, and the earth’s population crested 6 billion, something quietly and thoroughly changed the face of advertising forever.
With the rise of internet usage, the need for cost effective imagery was at an all time high. Companies were scrambling to create professional looking websites that would position themselves as cutting edge in the marketplace and stock photo companies moved their CD libraries to the digital domain to meet the demand. The proliferation of stock photography on the internet exploded. Why bother with a traditional photoshoot when more cost effective options are available?

August Snapshot: This I know. Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence

“The quality of products was less than desirable in the sixties and seventies. It’s completely different now. Today, we take quality for granted. How often do you need a service call to fix your washer? When was the last time your car left you stranded on the highway? Product quality, more or less, is the great equalizer today. Brands are much more alike than they used to be. What matters now is differentiation – the personality and how the company treats you during and after the purchase. Each of these is steeped in emotion.”
– Terry O’Reilly

“Great Execution is the Ultimate Differentiator.”

– Margaret Molloy
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