JULY 14, 2020

Our office remains closed until further notice.

Two videos in the works. 

1. Over 100 wineries open for outdoor, seated tasting.
2. Over 40 lodgings open for your summer escape - maybe its time for a staycation!
Both of these videos will be made with photos - so I need PHOTOS. I need them by Friday. Please only send 1 or 2. 
From wineries I need to show outdoor seated tasting - need people tasting wine and servers wearing a face mask.
From lodgings I need guests checking-in, enjoying the pool or your breakfast or, simply enjoying your property (porch, lawn, garden etc). 

What do you need from Wine Road now?

How can we help?  

Just shoot me back an email beth@wineroad.com

Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs...

They are all in the map box, outside of our office, if you want to pick up additional copies.  
Lodging members will want to have these signs at their properties also.
Office: 1437 Grove Street, Healdsburg
We're spreading the word about reservations needed and face masks required.  
You can help by sharing this link: https://youtu.be/DaB502heauI

Winery Reservation Links

We have added a button on our winery listings that will link visitors directly to your Reservation Page. YOU need to log onto WineRoad.com, then fill in the box for Reservations with the landing page you want people to see. If you need visitors to "call for reservations" link to the page on your website with that information.
Our home page now states clearly that reservations are required.

Sandra Hess seminar on Wednesday  

You can still register. Details and links to register below

Wine Road Event Update

Two weeks ago the Board of Directors made the decision to not host Wine & Food Affair this year. There are simply too many unknowns to plan and execute an event in November.
Winter Wineland may be able to happen, in a revised format...to be determined by the rules and requirements in place, as we move forward.
Event information has been updated on our website, so customers are aware, if they were planning to attend in November.

Please share links to our Partners (shown below)

If you are sending out email, newsletters and doing social posts, it would be fantastic if you could include our partners.
Let visitors know Pure Luxury is here to drive them around, Safari West is back welcoming folks to their property, Visit Santa Rosa and Stay Healdsburg are great links as people are planning their trips....
Last week I had an inquiry from someone looking to come visit with the prospect of moving to the area, so I was able to connect them with Compass Real Estate. 
The more we can all support each other the better.
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