August 25, 2020


Annual assessments are due. If you need the forms, they can be downloaded here: Wineries   Lodgings

Due to the current financial situation facing all of us, the Board of Directors has approved the option for members to make two payments this year, Aug. & Dec. Details are on the forms. BIG THANKS to everyone that already renewed! Sincerely appreciated. 

Virtual Wine & Food Affair

Complete details HERE
Nov. 7-8, 2020.
Customers will order mixed cases of wine from Each case will have one bottle, from 12 different wineries. We hope to have 4 case options and 1-2 6-pack options.
Wines will ship prior to the event weekend. CA only.
On the event weekend, customers will then virtually taste along with you and your chef or caterer as you talk about your wine & food pairing via Facebook Live.
Wine Road will purchase wine from participating wineries at 50% off, sell at full retail. All done via a special license from the ABC, which we can utilize 3 times per year. 
Sign up will begin this FRIDAY, through Eventbrite.
We need MIXED cases, so we are limiting the number of certain varietals, so we don't end up with 40 bottles of cabernet for example. 
Wine Road will buy the exact number of bottles that were ordered, we will pay as we place the order. Wineries will need to deliver wine to us on the specified date (Oct. 28-29).
We are exploring options for shipping out of CA, however, with the permit we are getting that is not allowed. We will continue to look into options for the future, for now, this is what we can make happen. If that changes, and we can ship nationwide, we will confirm your interest in participating before we move forward.

New Message On Our Home Page



Sonoma County Winegrowers...

I am including this information in case anyone at your winery is in need, the resilience fund is there to help.
As we continue to monitor the fires, our thoughts are with our winegrowers and farmworkers being impacted around the county. Sonoma County Grape Growers Foundation has reopened our Farmworker Resiliency Fund to help ag employees who have experienced a loss of home, wages, or financial hardship related to fires or evacuations. If you would like to help support this effort, please consider donating to SCGGF. To donate, or to learn more, please visit


On Friday, we will begin pushing out this message on our social media pages, to bring attention to the wine regions affected by fires. 
Stand beside us in our #CAWineStrong campaign by supporting us in one of the following:
1. Ordering our wine online to support our local wineries.

2. Donating to the Sonoma County Farmworkers Resiliency Fund
3. Donate to an additional California wine region
4. Leaving some encouraging words for us to read in this post. 
Thank you to all of our partners, we apprecate their support during these trying times.
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