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JULY 23, 2018
Dear Students, Parents, and Families,
We are writing to provide information about new on-campus housing options that will be implemented in the 2019-20 academic year. We are sharing this information a full year in advance in order to provide ample time for undergraduate students, parents, and families to review and consider these options. Please note that the updates we outline below are not reflected in billing information for the 2018-19 academic year. All on-campus housing expenses for the upcoming school year will follow the estimate of expenses outlined on the Financial Services website, which we first provided to you in March.
The University has developed a system of tiers for on-campus housing that reflects variations in room configuration, kitchen access, and amenities. This tiered system resembles housing operations at a number of peer institutions, and its implementation is part of an effort to steward University resources with greater precision and transparency. The cost of some recently renovated housing options has been adjusted to reflect the investments made in those spaces. The cost of apartment-style housing options has also been adjusted to reflect the amenities available to students in those spaces. A full list of housing tiers and associated costs is provided below. 
Importantly, the implementation of this tiered housing system will not impact the housing assignment process. First-year students will continue to be assigned randomly to first-year residence halls based on their responses to the University’s roommate matching survey. (In turn, all first-year residences will be assessed at the same cost.) All other students wishing to live on campus will continue to receive a lottery number and will be able to participate in room selection based on preference and availability. 
We recognize that, for some students, this new system will result in an increase in their on-campus housing costs beyond the standard increase each year. To address this, the cost of each housing tier will be considered when determining students' financial aid awards. Awards will be adjusted as necessary to meet the full demonstrated financial need of each admitted student.
Our new housing tiers are part of broader, ongoing efforts to restructure and enhance the residential experience at Tufts. We are happy to report that the first phase of the Community Housing project -- or CoHo -- will be coming online in the 2018-19 academic year, providing additional housing for juniors and seniors in a collection of community-based, wood-frame houses. We expect the entire CoHo project to be completed by Fall 2019. A renovation of Miller and Houston Halls has also begun this summer and will provide significant updates and enhancements for those first-year residence halls, including improved accessibility. In addition, optimization efforts continue across campus, with additional beds being added in Harleston Hall in time for the beginning of 2018-19.
We hope this information is useful as you begin to consider housing options for the 2019-20 academic year. For questions related to the new housing tiers or other aspects of residential life at Tufts, please email reslife@tufts.edu.

James M. Glaser
Dean of Arts and Sciences

Jianmin Qu
Dean of Engineering

Mary Pat McMahon
Dean of Student Affairs, AS&E

Beginning in Fall 2019, the tiers for on-campus housing will be as follows. (Please note that all rates are for the academic year.) 
Cost per Academic Year
 Traditional Triple/Quad
 Traditional Double
 Traditional Single (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors)
 First-Year Single
 Wood Frame/Greek Double/Triple (no kitchen)
 Wood Frame/Greek Single (no kitchen)
 Wood Frame/Greek Double/Triple (kitchen)
 Wood Frame/Greek Single (kitchen)
 Standard Apartment Double/Triple (no kitchen)
 Standard Apartment Single (no kitchen)
 Standard Apartment Double (kitchen)
 Standard Apartment Single (kitchen)
 Premium Apartment Single (kitchen)
 CoHo Apartment Single (kitchen)
For full information about each housing tier, including a list of tiers within each residential space, please visit the Residential Life website.
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