ALERRT Newsletter - November 2020
ALERRT Newsletter - November 2020
November 2020
2020 ALERRT Conference
Well, with the year going the way it has, we were not surprised about having to change up how we normally do things. In order to offer access to the speakers that had already been selected, the vendors who are working to keep their businesses running, provide top notch equipment to our first responders, and provide year-long access to the video recordings… we had to do things differently. Although it wasn't like most years, we were grateful to safely provide training for dispatchers, law enforcement, fire, medical, school safety, emergency management and many of the other forms of planning and response that we continue to work with.

To the attendees... I know this year was not what any of us had planned for, but I have definitely appreciated the conversations with people from all over the country about what they hoped to get out of our conference this year and in the future. My take away was this, ALERRT has been able to provide a common ground; people come together to get training, build relationships, and generate ideas to take home to their communities to provide a different perspective and to make a difference. Your feedback helps drive our purpose and our mission every year…thank you.

To the speakers... The ones who took the time at home to put together videos for our on-demand presentations. The ones who traveled to our video recording center to enable our live-stream. And to the ones who worked with me at weird hours to get their presentations in to play live on Zoom. To each of you I say thank you. Being able to provide first class training to the attendees of our integrated response conference has always been our goal, and this year was no different.

To the vendors... especially our Platinum vendor Combat Medical/Safeguard Medical, your continued support through all of the changes did not go unnoticed. It takes a special level of commitment to not only acknowledge how fluid things were becoming with expectations but to also stick out the entire process of building a website, figuring out all of the nuances of your vested interests and taking the time to participate in the event as well. Thank you.

Thank you to Medical Education Resources for providing our CME accreditation.
For those of you who need it, make sure you check the links on the website for reporting because your last day is December 3rd.

Last but not least, to the staff of ALERRT… every year I have been able to rely on you in getting our conference to the next level. This year has been no different: answering questions, assisting with the website, being available for any extra things that came up. Thank you.

If ever there has been a year of reflection this one has been a long one to sit and think. I just wanted to take a moment to be thankful our conference was still able to go forward with the support of so many and provide the words that sometimes do not get heard enough. To each of you out there, thank you.

Stephanie Brown
Conference Coordinator

Platinum Sponsor - Combat Medical
You can still access all the content from the 2020 ALERRT Conference! Registration to the virtual platform will be available for a year (from the original conference date).

Virtual Registration  |  $100
Registration includes:
  • Access to the secure virtual platform for one year
  • Networking capabilities with other attendee
  • Chat sessions
  • Year-long access to the video library that will contain content provided during the live stream session as well as content from pre-recorded sessions with an extensive list of speakers

Find full details at
ALERRT Research Opportunity
As many of you know, ALERRT training is fundamentally based on research. Right now, we are very interested in getting officer perceptions of national media coverage and support of law enforcement along with various work-related aspects of policing. This is important because there is no nationwide study that has examined these issues by including the officer perspective. For this reason, I would like to invite you to participate in an online survey being conducted by ALERRT and Missouri State University. (See the link below)

All responses to the survey are 100% anonymous. Your participation is voluntary, and the survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete. We know you are very busy, especially with all the challenges facing law enforcement this year, but we hope you can reserve time to take the survey. The more input we receive, the stronger our final report will be and the greater impact it will have.

Please click the following link to participate: 
Alternatively, you can copy and paste the following link into your browser.

Any questions about the survey can be directed to me (, Brett Garland (, or Bill Sandel ( 

Again, thank you for your time, and stay safe.


Hunter Martaindale, PhD
Director of Research

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