But seriously: t-rex arms for chickens!
But seriously: t-rex arms for chickens!

APRIL 2021

Our Estipona Group YouTube channel was hacked. I know, RUDE, right? But it went beyond rude, actually forcing us down a rabbit hole revealing the seedy underbelly of YouTube hijacking antics. Turns out, it's not exactly simple to prove that you're not a terrible, horrible, no good very bad YouTuber. If you're looking for mystery, intrigue and a chance encounter with a man named Marcus, this is the read for you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll start writing "Marcus" in little hearts on your doodle pad. But will it end like a fairy tale for Team EG, or will the bad guys win? And what lessons can everyone learn from this unexpected battle?
Team EG Seeks Graphic Design Intern
Do you love social media, use Canva templates to design t-shirts just for fun (but seriously, Canva has templates for that!), talk fluent Adobe Creative Suite and enjoy long walks in the rain? We could be your internship soulmate! We're super super SUPER busy and are looking to add your fresh perspective — or perhaps that of someone you know? — to our social media and art department. This is a paid internship, and you'll work with some of the coolest clients ever. Plus, you'll gain an insider perspective about the complex and often precarious-to-navigate advertising agency world (see story directly above about the seedy underbelly of YouTube). 

Yep, Those Are Tiny Arms on a Chicken 
Or is that a rooster? Hen? Hmph...details. Anywho, have you acquired a pandemic chicken/rooster/hen/whatever that annoyed-looking-bird-above is? We're serious, this is a thing — move over pandemic puppies, because now there's something that's adorable (to its mother, at least), wakes you up at the crack of dawn AND gives you fresh eggs once every 3 years or so! But wait, there's more: You can outfit your annoyingly loud and moody feathered friend with its own set of T-Rex arms for the low low LOW price of $10.79. You can even pick the color! So why exactly would you outfit your — well, that ^^ — with colorful dino arms? We think "why not?" is the better question. 

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