Special Positively Newsletter addition celebrates one year of VSA
Special Positively Newsletter addition celebrates one year of VSA
Dear Future Dog Trainer,
We hope you enjoy this special 'Happy Birthday, VSA' edition of the Positively Newsletter. We'll be back next month with our usual format.
Over the past year, we’ve watched as our Victoria Stilwell Academy for Dog Training & Behavior has grown from its initial launch, through the inaugural class of Dog Trainer Course students, into the current classes based both in the UK and the US, and on to this, our first anniversary.
We have many platforms that comprise the Positively ecosystem, and I’m proud of the way all of them support the mission. From the TV shows to the podcasts and licensed VSPDT trainers and social media and web video series and live events, we’ve got a lot going on.
But the Victoria Stilwell Academy and our VSPDT network of licensed trainers have developed into truly transformative experiences, for our students, trainers and myself. 
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We’ve used this Positively newsletter over the years to share exciting new research from the dog world, keep you up-to-date on the latest dog news, and provide windows to the various shows and experiences in which I am lucky enough to take part. But it struck me that some of you may not be aware of what we’re doing with the Academy, and I wanted to be sure that you know what it is, why I built it, and how it might help you.
VSA is a school to teach people to be dog trainers and to better understand how dogs think, feel and learn. We founded it last year and have graduated one class with two others currently underway. As of now, we offer one 6-month course called the Dog Trainer Course, and it’s targeted for total beginners to intermediate-level folks.
One of the great things about the Dog Trainer Course is that even though students only need to travel away from home twice (for a total of two weeks) during the six months, the course is designed so that 90% of the curriculum is delivered via in-person, hands-on learning. Students learn directly from me and other amazing faculty via several different learning models: self-paced Online Lessons, real-time Cyber Classes, one-to-one experiences with mentors, and during the 2 one-week in-person intensives.
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Being a dog trainer is far more than just knowing how to get a dog to do something. At VSA, our unique curriculum focuses on providing the latest dog behavior knowledge, motivating and changing human client behavior, and business and marketing practices to allow students to reach their goals. 
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Spaces are filling up fast for our upcoming March class (intensives held in Atlanta, GA), so if you’re interested in chasing your dreams of learning more about dog behavior and starting or expanding your career as a pet professional, call or email us at +1 (678) 459-5786 or info@vsdta.com. We’d love the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and goals to see if VSA is the right fit for you. Visit the VSA website at www.vsdogtrainingacademy.com for more info about our courses or to register now for the March Dog Trainer Course class.
and the VSA Team
PS: Be sure to join Victoria this Friday at noon ET for a Facebook Live video chat about VSA!
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