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Week of Jan 13

UCF Q2 Reporting Due Tomorrow (1/17/20)!! 

Q2 UCF reports are due TOMORROW on Friday, Jan 17th - don't miss out on funding! Links to the UCF reporting documents with additional information are linked below. 
UCF Reporting PDF Document | UCF Reporting Google Form
(**Google form is the preferred method by CHN)
Read everything carefully and if you have any questions, please direct to them Deb via email or call her direct number at 614-869-3412. 

Register with the Ohio Department of Health

Free and Charitable Clinics are required to register with the Ohio Department of Health annually.  By registering with ODH you are meeting one of the requirements to enjoy immunity through the Good Samaritan Laws.  

There are two forms - both are required by Jan 31, 2020:
  1. Volunteer Staff Report
  2. Clinic Registration


UCF Q2 Reporting Due

FRI, Jan 17th

2020 Legislative Health Fair

Wed, Feb 19th

Ohio Statehouse Atrium
1 Capitol Square
Columbus, OH 43215

2020 Safety-Net Symposium

April 3-4, 2020

Crown Plaza - 33 E Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215 
These reports are due by January 31st and must be completed and mailed to ODH at 246 N. High Street; PO Box 118, Columbus, Ohio 43216-0118 OR Fax to (614) 564-2422.
Also - Make sure you are up to date with the Ohio Attorney General  and the Ohio Secretary Of State

2020 Legislative Health Fair

The start of the new year means a fresh calendar full of events and neat ways for you to get involved! The Charitable Healthcare Network will be holding our annual Legislative Health Fair at the Ohio Statehouse Atrium on Wednesday, February 19th. CHN members are encouraged to set up a table at the Atrium and provide simple health screenings to Legislators and their staff while discussing with about the work charitable health care organizations are doing in their districts and across Ohio. Make your voice heard and join us for this unique legislative advocacy event! Please direct questions to Katie via email or at 614-869-3413.

Legislative Health Fair 
Ohio Statehouse Atrium 
Wednesday Feb. 19th 

Register for the 2020 Legislative Health Fair

Speaker Request for Proposals Available - Speak at our Saftey-Net Symposium!

We are seeking speakers for our 3rd annual Safety-Net Symposium. The Saftey-Net Symposium is a two day annual conference specifically designed for the providers of charitable health care. We are looking for presentations that will improve knowledge, enhance skills and highlight successful programs and practices. Submission topics can be in any area related to the operations of a charitable organization, best practices of providing care for the vulnerable, or the future of the health care system in Ohio. 
While we strongly encourage free clinic professionals and volunteers to submit a proposal for a presentation, we also encourage you to forward this opportunity to others who you believe would be excellent speakers for our conference - please share this RFP!

RFPs are Due to the CHN by Friday February 7th
Click Here for Speaker RFP

12,000 More Children Without Health Insurance in Ohio

Across Ohio, nearly 12,000 more infants, toddlers and preschoolers were without health care in 2018 compared to 2016. As a result, Ohio's uninsured rate for children has increased to 5% in 2018 versus 3.6% in 2014, this is a 40% jump that ranked as third highest in the nation. Currently almost half of Ohio's children are insured via the state's Medicaid and CHIP plan but advocates are still urging Governor Mike DeWine's administration to improve access to tax-funded coverage. Over half the nations uninsured children (infants, toddler and preschoolers) live in seven states: Texas with the largest share, followed by Florida, California, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Arizona. Read more about the issue here
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In the News: Lake County Free
Clinic Increases Dental Services

The News-Herald reported on Lake County Free Clinic (LCFC)'s amazing growth in dental services! In 2019, LCFC was able to expand their dental service capacity to include simple restorations and dental hygiene services on top of emergency dental care and extractions. Additionally, a donation from the Ohio Dental Association Society will allow them to upgrade their X-ray unit in early 2020. LCFC is also moving forward with upgrades to their computer network and hardware to make full use of Epic, made available by the Cleveland Clinic and a capital grant from The Lubrizol Foundation. Congratulations to Lake County Free Clinic and their wonderful staff! 
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