October 6, 2020  
Please note, we are ONLY in the office
10:00-4:00 Mon-Wed.  
Hello everyone - assessments were due Aug. 1st.
We have about 30 members that have not renewed and they have not contacted us. We will be removing them from our website and various lists on Friday. If you are one of those that have not yet renewed, but you planned to, please reach out and let us know. We don't want to keep sending invoices and emails if you do not want to renew, we also don't want this to be an oversight.

 If you need the renewal forms, they can be downloaded here: Wineries   Lodgings

My Wine Road - newsletter

Our consumer newsletter goes out this Thursday to 50,000+ subscribers.
Be sure to add your events, wine specials, shipping deals or lodging specials, to our website. The newsletter always links to those pages. 

Virtual Wine & Food Affair 

Nov. 7-8, 2020.
We launched our case sales on Thursday. 1100 people clicked on the case links, but only 8 placed an order. We hope everyone is making a plan to order soon. Time will tell.
Digital Express will need your recipe file by Oct. 9th.
Debbie will be scheduling wineries that are interested, to record their YouTube video with her on Oct. 13,14, or 15. 
Please direct event questions to Debbie@wineroad.com

Wine & Food Affair, Sponsored by Repour Winesaver...

We want to thank the folks at Repour for stepping in to help sponsor Wine & Food Affair. We feel their product is a GREAT fit for all of the virtual tastings wineries are doing. Customers can open multiple bottles at the same time, and taste along with winemakers in a virtual tasting, then use Repour to save the wines and enjoy them over the next few weeks. We will include their logo in our event material, we will include their product in the first 50 case orders for Wine & Food Affair, and we will have a link to sell more from our shopping cart. If you haven't tried Repour in your winery, now is the time. Check them out here. Repour Winesaver

Wine Road Rewards

On Sale Oct. 1-30
Redeemed by Nov. 30
We have sold 40 thus far.
Thank you to all of our partners, we apprecate their support during these trying times.
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