Texas A&M and UT-Austin working together to serve Texans!
Texas A&M and UT-Austin working together to serve Texans!
Howdy, Advocates!
Earlier this month, both the Texas A&M and UT-Austin Government Relations officials launched a new social media campaign called United to Serve Texans. In preparation for the upcoming legislative session, this campaign allows the universities to inform the public and our elected officials about the combined statewide impacts from both institutions, including:
  • Support and success of enrolled students - 116,000 on our campuses, with 90,000+ undergrads, 2,000+ student veterans, and 25,999+ graduate and professional students
  • High retention and graduation rates - Among the highest in the state for retaining and graduating students, including first-generation students and those from low-income households. Last year, UT-Austin and Texas A&M awarded almost 20% of all degrees conferred by Texas public universities
  • Return on investment - A UT-Austin or Texas A&M bachelor's degree holder earns an average of $583,000 more over 20 years than an average high school graduate
  • Alumni Impact - Over 1,000,000 living alumni throughout the world, and tens of thousands contributing over $14 billion in total income every year as part of the Texas workforce, the equivalent of supporting 180,000 jobs! 

The Economic Value to Texas of

Texas A&M University

Texas A&M University creates a significant positive impact on the business community and generates a return on investment to its major stakeholder groups—students, taxpayers, and society. Using a two-pronged approach that involves an economic impact analysis and an investment analysis, the study calculates the benefits received by each of these groups. This analysis covers all university components in Texas, including the Galveston Branch Campus, School of Law, and all Health Science Center activities. Results of the analysis reflect fiscal year (FY) 2018-19 (September 1, 2018 to August 31, 2019).
The full report is available here.
As always, we appreciate you volunteering as an Aggie Advocate. If you ever have questions about the Texas A&M Advocacy Network or this upcoming legislative session, please reach out at TAMUAdvocacy@AggieNetwork.com or (979) 845-7514.

In the Aggie Spirit, 

Jordyn Steinberger ‘17
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