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Miami University does not tolerate hazing. We have demonstrated our resolve to act decisively with serious sanctions against acts of hazing. Following several allegations of hazing in recent days, we are equally resolved to protect the safety of our students. We have shared our concerns with Miami’s Interfraternity Council and national fraternal organizations, and are working with them to respond appropriately.

We support action by the Interfraternity Council to order initiation of all new members by Friday, Feb. 23, and to suspend all new member activities and social activities effective immediately. We believe this is a productive first step, but not the only step we will take to address our concerns and keep our students safe. We are investigating multiple reports of misconduct involving hazing and have shared those reports with Oxford Police, because hazing is a criminal act. We are determined to hold the responsible organizations and individuals accountable. In addition, at least six national fraternal organizations have filed cease-and-desist orders against their Miami University chapters, pending an investigation.

We have spent the past two years working closely with students, alumni and national organizations to change our culture and develop a model Greek system. Despite those efforts, we are not where we need to be. We expect Miami students to act responsibly and legally, inside and outside the classroom, and to respect the dignity and safety of those around them. Anything else violates the values that have defined our Miami community for generations. Those responsible for these acts have embarrassed themselves, their chapters and Miami University.

We are committed to working with our students to help them make safe and healthy choices. Miami actively educates students about responsible alcohol use, and enforces laws and university policies for the safety and health of our students and others.

We will investigate any report, and we strongly encourage anyone who suspects or knows of any occurrences of dangerous behavior or student misconduct to report them to Miami University Police at 513-529-2222, or Oxford police at 513-524-5240, or to local law enforcement if the incident is away from Oxford.

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