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August 2021
News That Rocks


Is it hot in here or is it just this season!

The Summer 2021 Season is Cooking!
We are a month into the Summer 2021 performance season and the bands are really gelling. Having the students back in the building and hearing them laughing and socializing is so great. All three shows are really coming along musically.  Things are sounding so good already the performances in October will be magnifique! (chef's kiss)

Adult Rock 101

It's been a minute since we talked about Adult Rock 101. We welcomed a new member to the group this past month and she fell right into the groove of things. The groups instructor Jaime has been really impressed with everyones' ablity to work together through these summer months when vacations have members out more frequently than other times of year.  They have come prepared and been willing to fill in on other band members parts when necessary. Their generosity and  camaraderie has been great to witness.  They are crushing their song assignments and Jaime has just assigned a new round of songs this week. Similar to Rock 101 for our younger rockers this group is assigned songs to work on in their independent lessons which they bring to the group and learn to play together in a band in a no pressure, fun setting.   Stay tuned for Show Info coming soon!

Here's To Our Summer Interns!
It's been great to have the energy of summer camps in the building this year again.  The kids and the directors have been having a blast.  The interns that have worked this summer deserve a big round applause. We couldn't do it with out them! It's been heartwarming great to see them mentoring campers and stepping up. They have treated the school as their home and opened it up to our camper guests. Being a Summer Intern is BUSY. They welcomed campers in, taught them some songs, filled in on parts, got them ready for their shows each week and have encouraged them to come back and do it all again. And boy did they.  Many of our campers signed up for not one, not two but three or four weeks of camp with us! Our final camp of the season is set for the first week of August and is our largest camp yet. The last camp show is at 3 Stars Brewing Company on Friday August 6th from 3pm - 4:30pm. Thanks again to our wonderful Summer Intern Crew!

Rock 101 Sessions For Fall 2021

It's time to sign up for your Fall Rock 101 classes!  Rock 101 is a core element of School of Rock where our beginner students grow into musicians and gain the experience needed for entering the Performance Program.  Our groups are at different stages of their development and are working on some of our classic rock core songs. In anticipation of the Back-to-School wave, we have opened up another on Wednesdays.  This class will be designed for older students (teenagers) who are focused on getting into the performance program next season. If this sounds like your rocker, call Rose on 301-589-7625.

House Band!

With venues slowly opening back up the house band has finally been able to play a few gigs this summer. CHeck out their gig on July 24th at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, VA.  We are looking forward to getting more gigs on the calendar for them going forward.  Try outs for Junior (JV) and regular House Band will be the first weekend in November.  Stay tuned for more details.

Student Spotlight of the Month - Meet Liam

Liam joined School of Rock in October of 2020 and  has been taking guitar lessons with Jeff.  This past month he  joined our Tuesday Rock 101 class.  Jeff  describes him as eager, excited and enthusiastic about learning music and has made a lot of progress and is looking forward to watching him grow in Rock 101.  And now, without further adieu the Ramblin' Rose interview with Liam.  
So, you've been taking guitar lessons with Jeff.  How do you like that?
I  love working with Jeff.  I am a good student and he is a good teacher for me. Lots of times we like the same things. He sometimes suggests I listen to something that I've never heard before but we like the same genre.
Who are your musical influences?
Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day, and Rivers Cuomo from Weezer.  My dad. He helps me a lot and I'm so thankful. He used to play bass in a band in highschool and we  sometimes play together. 
Do you have a favorite band?
Green Day
favorite song or is that to hard to say?
Holiday or Boulevard Of Broken Dreams...yeah, it is hard to say a favorite song.
What do you like most about School of Rock?
I like that it's a school that teaches you to play rock music and teaches you to pursue rock music.
And now you have instructors Brooks and Elizabeth in Rock 101. How you do like working with them? 
I really like R101. When I first joined  the school I really wanted to play with other kids. So I've just been waiting to do that. Brooks and Elizabeth are fun and keep us focused on music and doing things together. 
Awe, I'm so glad you are able to join us now, Liam. Sometimes when you get into a Rock 101 class you start to experiment with other instruments, do you have any desire to play another instrument or maybe sing? 
I've always been interested in singing while I'm playing, and I'd be up for trying to play other instruments.
Do you play anything else already? 
played viola for a year before starting here. 
Did you know any of the other kids in the class before you started? 
No I didnt know the other kids 
What advice do you have for new students? 
Advice I would give is, you can pursue your dreams no matter what it is, even if its hard, it is possible. 


with our Lead Instructor Brooks 
TONE- Sometimes how you say something is just as important as what you are saying. The tone of your voice when speaking can shape the meaning of the words you choose to say. In the same way, the way your instrument sounds can shape the meaning of the music you make with it. While the gear you use will affect your tone, the real secret to a great sound is in the details of your playing. Talk to your instructors this month about how to make sure you get a great sound of your instrument and how to adapt your tone to whatever musical situation you find yourself in. 

It's Back-To-School Sign Up Time

Summer is flying by and we are so happy that so many have been able to actually head out-of-town and do summery things.  Just a reminder that our schedule has already begun to tighten up and the fall influx is beginning.  If there is a lesson time or teacher you have your eye on, now is the time to call Rose and get back on the class schedule too.

COVID Safety

We are staying the course with our COVID-19 safety protocols that have been working well.  So all who enter must continue to be checked in and masked up along with our other protocols.  Our SOR community has really done a terrific job of working together to keep each other safe and we so appreciate how everyone has erred on the side of caution and stayed home when they have any illness.  Rose can go over all our protocols in more detail if you need more info.  We are very conscious that our younger students cannot be vaccinated and we want to provide a safe environment for all.  

Mark Your Calendar

August 6th - Final Camp show at 3 Stars Brewing Co. 3pm-4:30pm
Sept 5th and 6th - Happy Labor Day!  We are closed both Sunday and Monday! 

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