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Good value leaders know what's important to customers and their bottom line
Good value leaders know what's important to customers and their bottom line
Good Value = Big Business
Recently, I had an interesting experience over breakfast - one that relates to most every business and how they operate and how they market themselves. Allow me to explain:

The First Impression

I had a breakfast scheduled at a location that I had never been to before (quite like the experience that most new clients have with businesses they've never dealt with). I walked in and immediately was unimpressed by the decor. While it was clean and well maintained, it was obvious that little to no efforts had been made to keep the establishment modern / up to date. It was like the place was lost in time, from the mid-80s. Being someone that appreciates modern decor and state of the art, I found it immediately set my expectations fairly low on how the experience would go and whether I would return.
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