News and resources for airport employees.
News and resources for airport employees.
David Budnick and Christine Brittner
Christine Brittner and David Budnick Make Time Fly with Great Customer Service 
A canceled flight can often cause feelings of frustration, and for a Denver-bound passenger there was an added layer of concern: she had a medical treatment the next morning she couldn't miss.
Southwest Airlines' Christine Brittner (she/her) understood the distressing situation and immediately set to work to ensure the traveler could make it to Denver in time. 
Luckily, Christine was able to find her a flight...but it departed in just 20 minutes! Christine escorted her to the checkpoint where TSA's David Budnick (he/his) noticed the passenger was enrolled in TSA PreCheck. He quickly routed her to the PreCheck lane, getting her through security quickly, and then helped directed her to her gate. Thanks to Christine's determination and David's keen observations, the traveler made it to Denver with time to spare.
Christine and David were winners at the PDX People Customer Service Awards, where we recognize airport employees who truly stand out as extraordinary. Missed the last virtual awards ceremony? View the event recording or read about past winners.
You can also nominate an employee who embodies the PDX People values and serves as a shining example of great customer service – submit a nomination now.
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Hello, B newspaper cover with illustrations in blue and red showing trees, planes, mountains, chicken and waffles and elements of Concourse B.
Get Ready to Say Hello, B!
On Wednesday, Dec. 8, we'll say hello to the completely redeveloped and expanded Concourse B, which includes new gates devoted to Alaska and Horizon regional routes. 
Everything in the interior space is about putting travelers and employees in a good mood: panoramic views, high ceilings, natural light, leafy foliage, more seats with charging stations and some of Portland’s best food and drinks when Screen Door and Good Coffee open in Spring 2022.
Contributing to the unique look and feel of the new concourse is the permanent art installation by Tacoma-based artist RYAN! Feddersen titled “Inhabitance.” Three interactive elements span the area: lenticular portraits that shift as you walk past them, rainbow-dappled sky with shimmering glass clouds and carved wooden tiles with patterns symbolizing different kinds of Northwest terrain.
Come check it out for yourself after it opens on Wednesday and be sure to stop by the newsstand it'll be up through the weekend – to pick up a Hello B newspaper, a one-of-a-kind collector's item to mark the milestone!
Peach colored roses made out of tile, in the entrance to the Concourse D restrooms
What's New with PDX Next: November Forum
Look no further – we've got the inside scoop on construction at PDX. Jen Reynolds with the Port of Portland along with Pat Bifone and Caitlin Powell of Hoffman-Skanska shared the latest construction updates and answered your questions about PDX Next.
Have you wondered, "What exactly is a mega column?" Well, you can find out in this month's forum, as well as learn more about ticket lobby overhead work, baggage claim carousel closures, newly opened Concourse D restrooms – featuring mosaic tile worthy of the Rose City – and when hard demo will begin in the former Clocktower Plaza. Watch the November forum now.
Looking for more PDX Next information? We're keeping you in the know on what's new on the PDX People website. Have questions or suggestions about construction? Email or call the construction hotline at 503.460.4339. 
TriMet Starts Work on PDX Piece of “A Better Red” in January 
You've already heard about A Better Red, the MAX Red Line project that will improve service for TriMet’s entire light rail system. What you might not know is that the PDX-specific piece of this project is scheduled to begin in January and could impact your route to work as well as passengers' routes to and from PDX.
Up first: Contractor Stacy and Witbeck will set up staging and laydown areas, install tree protection and implement temporary irrigation modifications, as seen above. The PDX portion of the project is scheduled to be complete in February 2024 and, while we'll share key airport impacts here, you're encouraged to sign up for A Better Red alerts to stay informed of all project news.
KultureCity Logo.
Get Sensory Inclusive Certified and Enter to Win $100!
Increasing accessibility at PDX is an ongoing endeavor. As part of that work, we’re partnering with KultureCity to open a sensory room on Concourse D – a space geared toward visitors with cognitive or sensory processing challenges. The room will feature a sensory station surrounded by a calming, comfortable atmosphere.
While the sensory room isn't open quite yet, learning about sensory processing disabilities and the importance of accessibility can start now.
To help you get up to speed on sensory rooms and enhance your inclusivity work, we’re offering the chance to win $100. All you need to do is watch a 30-minute video and take a short quiz – score 80% or higher and you’ll be rewarded with sensory inclusive certification! Email your certificate of completion to PDX People Communications by Friday, Dec. 17, to be entered to win.
Get Certified Now!
Tom Strong, Chief Executive officer Skokomish Indian Tribe
Meet the Caretakers of the Pacific Northwest’s Sustainable Forests
Several decades ago, the organic movement began connecting shoppers to farmers who grew produce in environmentally beneficial ways. Now the construction industry is starting to directly source wood the same way.
The effort to connect with sustainably managed forests in Oregon and Washington that could supply 95% of the Douglas fir wood for PDX’s new roof beams and ceiling lattice took our architects and construction partners two years of research and many, many phone calls. In this article, you'll meet four of the caretakers of these beautiful, local forests. Two years, in fact, is nothing to them – not when you’re thinking in tree time. Find out how they’re planning for their families, their forests and the larger ecosystem itself.
Bambuza in Concourse E, grand opening sign with balloons.
Where to Eat and Drink at PDX 
Feeling hungry? There are some new options in the terminal. As Eater Portland shares, "PDX’s panoply of restaurants, bars, and cafes include ample options for vegetarians, vegans and the gluten-free, with prices comparable to their off-airport counterparts; plus, many of those options are outposts of local businesses.” This includes the new Lardo cart, the perfect place to pick up a sandwich, and the second location of Bambuza, now open on Concourse E.
Food truck, happy employees grabbing food and spinning the prize wheel.
PDX in Pictures
Last week, we stopped by the new Rental Car Center to say thank you to the PDX People who made the move to the new building. We know changing homes can be a challenging experience, and everyone involved made it happened smoothly, all while providing top-notch customer service. To acknowledge all the hard work, we said thanks with tasty food from Fried Egg I’m in Love and Pepe Caliente, great tunes from TLE’s road trip playlist, prize wheel giveaways and candid fun at the photo booth. 

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