On a Law School Waitlist? What to Do Next
On a Law School Waitlist? What to Do Next
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April 2022

Message from Dovie King, Tufts Pre-Law Advisor
Happy spring! Thinking about applying to law school? Registration for the June 2022 LSAT is currently open through April 27, 2022. The Law School Admissions Council offers free practice tests, a free prep course and fee waivers for test takers demonstrating financial need. Testing accommodations are also available. Visit www.lsac.org
for more information. To meet with me one-on-one, schedule an appointment via Handshake. Good luck!
Visit LSAC.org for Testing Information
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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in the Spotlight
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is an attorney who served as a law clerk to Justice Steven Breyer of the U.S. Supreme Court and is currently a federal judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit since 2021. She is the current nominee of President Biden for the U.S. Supreme Court, awaiting Senate confirmation. The Senate Judiciary Committee took the first step toward confirming her for the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, April 4, possibly elevating the first Black woman to the high court.
I’m on a Law School Waitlist. What Now?
Congrats! You’re on a law school waitlist! Though it may not seem amazing, you’re actually one step closer to making your law school dreams come true. However, you will need to get comfortable with waiting for an answer. Most law schools will not think about their waiting lists until after they have the first deposits from those already admitted. It’s pretty much a second admission cycle for you, so you may not get a decision by April 1.
The trick about moving up the admissions ladder is going above and beyond the call of duty to get on law schools’ radar. If you do nothing, you are destined to be disappointed. But if you launch a full-on campaign, you might actually get in.
What to do? Here are a few tips.
  1. Enthusiastically accept a place on the waitlist.
  2. Immediately after the deposit deadlines, follow up with a letter expressing your interest in attending the law school—be specific about your reasons for wanting to attend!
  3. Schedule a campus visit--if you are financially able to--and let the law school know you are even more excited to attend after getting a first-hand experience.
  4. Some law schools will invite you to submit additional essays Take advantage of this opportunity to update them about new (superb) grades and/or honors, a new job or leadership position, etc.
  5. Schedule an appointment with Dovie King to come up with a game plan.
CLEO Pre-Law Summer Institute

The 54-year-old Pre-Law Summer Institute is CLEO’s premiere program to help students prepare for the rigors of the first year of law school. It is held annually and this year the program will be virtual and can be attended by students online. The application deadline is April 30, 2022 and scholarships are available to help defray the $1500 fee. Visit www.cleoinc.org for more information.
Learn More and Apply for the CLEO Pre-Law Summer Institute
Summer 2022 Pre-Law Advising

Dovie King will continue to be available in the summer to meet with students and alumni to discuss their individual law school plans. Please check Handshake for appointment slots
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