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MUDEC Méinden Spring 2021 #16
MUDEC Méinden Spring 2021 #16
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MUDEC Méinden-Weekly news from the MUDEC community for the MUDEC community-#lifelongMUDEC

Spring 2021 #16

May 10, 2021

  • HST 250 Students Reflect on Cold War Politics in Croatia
  • An Internship at the American Embassy in Luxembourg
  • "Feed Your Brain Now" Debate Brings Two Superpower Universities Together
Odds and Ends
  • A MUDEC Tradition: The Closing Dinner

HST 250 Students Reflect on Cold War Politics in Croatia

A hand holds a photo of Goli Atok prison against the horizon while aboard a boat heading to the island
Students of HST 250 Comparative Cold War Childhoods have spent the semester learning about the world on both sides of the Iron Curtain, but their study tour to Zadar, Croatia gave them new insights about the nuances of Cold War geopolitics. Croatia, as part of former Yugoslavia under the socialist regime of Josep Broz Tito, defied communist and capitalist control as a leader of the Non-Aligned Movement. What was it like to grow up in such a place? In this article, Abbey Falknor and Kaya Mernitz describe some of their course-related activities, concluding that "beauty and fear can walk hand in hand."
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An Internship at the American Embassy in Luxembourg

by Megan Fogarty, MUDEC student
Carolyn Moorman, a Political Science and International Studies double major with minors in Arabic and Middle Eastern, Islamic and Jewish studies, was a public affairs intern at the US Embassy in Luxembourg this semester. Moorman worked alongside two other MUDEC students at the Embassy.
Moorman’s daily roles included updating the Embassy’s Facebook page and preparing briefing memos for the Embassy’s visits to MUDEC. Moorman said her greatest achievement this semester was writing a four-page document that included research on John E. Dolibois and his role as a connection between the US and Luxembourg.
Moorman said this internship offered her a real life chance to experience an Embassy and diplomacy that you couldn’t have learned about in a class. “This internship gave me connections to the diplomatic life that I wouldn’t have gotten in a classroom,” said Moorman.
Public Affair Interns, Ethan Kopp and Carolyn Moorman Carolyn Moorman outside the embassy
At left: Public Affairs Interns, Ethan Kopp and Carolyn Moorman; At right: Carolyn Moorman in front of the embassy
This internship was especially valuable to Moorman as it took place in a different country, which allowed her to connect with locals. Moorman worked on a project with a Luxembourgish employee, Consular Jackie Meeker, where she filmed Meeker at various monuments around Luxembourg. “Working with European citizens brought a new and unique perspective, which I really enjoyed,” said Moorman.
Moorman enjoyed her internship experience thoroughly. "I am so thankful to have had this opportunity,” she said.

"Feed Your Brain Now" Debate Brings Two Superpower Universities Together

by Megan Smith, MUDEC student
Feed Your Brain Now
Even during the COVID pandemic, a meeting of the minds can allow students of all backgrounds to experience each other’s cultures. On Tuesday, April 27, several MUDEC students had the exciting opportunity to participate in a debate with students from the University of Luxembourg.
Every year, one student team from Uni Lu competes with their counterparts from MUDEC in a "Feed Your Brain Now" debating circle, an approach that emphasizes listening and reacting to others' views and opinions. With the topic at hand being "Should the US still be considered as a global leader?" the University of Luxembourg students made their way to the beautiful Château and prepared for an invigorating conversation.
The three Uni Lu students, along with an understudy, went against MUDEC's very own Joshua Wilmes, Landon Halverson and Michelle Engel. The debate began with a coin toss, which MUDEC won, choosing to argue the "pro": the United States should still be considered a world superpower.
Both sides diligently argued their cases in pursuit of a win. Wilmes prepared the opening statement. Engel's points were hinged on the rebuttal, but she felt very secure in her argument. MUDEC student Alexandra Luerck, who participated as a timer, noted that both sides made excellent cases.
Ultimately the MUDEC team scored a victory with their confident and eloquent performance. Their composure was a shining example of MUDEC's participation in the global community of academia. All students involved not only engaged in this academic exchange, but had the opportunity to have lunch and socialize.
The Feed Your Brain Now debate is co-organized by University of Luxembourg Espace Cultures and the Miami University Dolibois European Center in close collaboration with Tageblatt, Revue and other supporters.
Odds and Ends

A MUDEC Tradition: the Closing Dinner

by Hannah Sroka MUDEC student
Last Wednesday, students gathered in the Grand Hall for one of their last group events—the closing dinner. MUDEC staff decorated the Grand Hall in red and white, and students enjoyed a barbecue and some humorous reflections from Angel Schlotterback, the master of ceremonies. Scholarships were then presented to students who showed outstanding academic achievements, commitments to their community, and strong desires for learning. These students were Sabrina Dunlap, Hannah Sroka, Rachel Goetz, Isabelle Guerreau, Abbey Falknor, Claire Rinck, Alexandra Leurck, Joshua Wilmes, and Danny Hurley.
Alexandra Leurck and Joshua Wilmes with their awards Students pose with their superlative awards
Afterwards, the SFC presented superlatives. Among the most memorable were Joshua Wilmes winning “Best Dressed,” Austin Arthurs winning “Most Forgetful,” Megan Smith winning “Biggest Drama Queen,” Mason Neurath winning “Biggest Drama King,” Meg Stein winning “Most Likely to Marry for EU Citizenship,” Austin Arthurs and JJ Federer winning “Cutest Couple That Never Was,” and Nate Gillan’s hair winning “Most Changed.”
The dinner was bittersweet for many students, who are excited to return to the US and see their family and friends but aren’t quite ready to leave Luxembourg. They’ve formed a really strong community at the Château and are hoping to see each other on campus in the fall (after getting vaccinated!) They’ll always have a second home in Differdange, and this is certainly a semester that they will look back on fondly.
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