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December 2021 | Third Quarterly Release

Dear Alder Resident,
As the holiday break looms, so do the aromas of warm coffee, teas, and relaxation. December can serve as a reflection period to recognize your experiences-both in and outside of the classroom. This year presented both joys and challenges- many of which may persist into the new year. Nevertheless, you endured, and graduation will be here sooner than you expect. Please take time to acknowledge your successes, such as overcoming the anxiety and fear the night before your first takeover week or the joys from submitting your assignments and establishing connections with your mentors and scholars. You possess a genuine dedication which indeed inspires not only your networks but the communities in which you serve. In other words, you are the light that can brighten so many peoples’ days during this holiday season. You are a source of nourishment that supports the blossoming of new and young scholars. We implore you to take a well-deserved rest during the break. We also hope you review the third quarterly Student Services newsletter, which seeks to provide some key highlights regarding initiatives and support from the team.
The following highlights, reminders, and updates aim to provide access to information related to Alder GSE. 
Please reach out to with any questions. 
Student Services Highlights
Bilingual Authorization Information- Interested in Alder’s support in earning a bilingual authorization? See this link to learn about Alder’s support for earning a bilingual authorization, and reach out to Dr. Nate Monley at with any questions.
Announcing Adriana Esparza-Roman as Alder’s Associate Director of Student Services and Financial Supports-We are excited to have Adriana in this role and a full-time member of the Student Services team; she will start on January 5th. In addition to continuing her work with Student Billing, Adriana will take the lead on communicating Financial Aid tasks and opportunities, as well as assist students with various student related services.

"Making the Residency Work" Regional Resource Guides
The Student Services Team has developed regional Making It Work resources that are supportive, aid in financial and mental health wellbeing, are available in your local community, and focus on ensuring capacity to make the residency work. Access the resources by region below:

Writing & Research Resources

As you plan for spring semester, please keep in mind that you have access to the library’s resources through Canvas, Populi, or directly from the library’s page
If you need assistance with research, finding resources, or APA citations you can schedule an individual consultation with myself via Canvas or schedule a time that works for you via
If you need assistance with writing, our library has a subscription for where you can meet with a live tutor online or you can submit your paper and get feedback within 24 hours. is a great service and it is available 24/7; we recommend that you take advantage of it. 
Best wishes and enjoy the holidays!
Dr. Leila Rod-Welch, Ed.D. 

Friendly Reminders
  • Compelling Need Scholarships- We understand that unexpected things can happen and the pandemic can only surmount the impact. At Alder, we are committed to supporting you to successfully complete the program. We recently established an emergency-based fund thanks to a generous donor. To learn more about the Compelling Need scholarships and how to apply, please click here. Note that this is meant to support residents who are experiencing need based on an unexpected circumstance, and the amounts, due to limited resources, will range from $250-$750.
  • Golden State Teacher Grant- This grant has been expanded to award approximately $20,000 to individuals pursuing a credential in multiple subjects, STEM,  special education, and other subjects. Please click here to learn more and here  to view our application walkthrough. We highly encourage you, if you are eligible, to apply as soon as possible. If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to email us at or
  • Wellness Supports: We know how busy the residency year can be, so we hope you will check out the EAP resources and TESS offered to all our residents. The supports they offer include counseling services, work/life referrals, and financial/legal advice. Please continue to access resources through the page on the Alder GSE website. We will continue to ensure that it’s updated with the most recent resources and supports.

    Friendly Reminders from Enrollment and Testing Support

    Congratulations on completing your Fall term! We are so excited that you are one step closer to your goal of becoming an educator. This is also time for a gentle reminder about Alder’s policy that residents must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and may have no more than two Cs in credential coursework. Alder’s philosophy strongly encourages revision to mastery.
    What are your next steps if you need to revise any grades? The first step is to reach out to your instructors. Communicate with them and make a plan to resubmit the work. The earlier you can do this, the better. Your responsibility is to reach out to your instructor and make a plan to revise your grade. Your instructor will lead the process of getting the grade changed and any required forms after you have completed the work. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Registrar, Mariah Klein, at You've got this!
Wellness Corner: Promoting wellness through healthy lifestyles and support services.
We all deserve some hope and joy despite the struggle. Here is the December calendar from the Greater Good Science Center at Cal Berkeley to help you practice a day-to-day guide in self-belief. 
How to Mitigate Procrastination by Kiesha Dutes and Andrea Nguyen-  NPR’s Lifekit explores several powerful tips on how to stop the habit and propel you to be more intentional and forgiving 
CA Peer Run Warm LineNeed non-emergency referrals for community resources around wellness and mental health? If you want to talk through concerns or worries, please call the CA Warm Line at 1-855-845-7415 for assistance!
4 Ways to Cultivate Resilience for 2022 by Emily SohnPandemic life doesn’t just have to be about survival. Emily Sohn, from the New York Times, explores how to become and stay strong even in tough times. 

Thrive and Succeed -

Words From Those that Came Before You

"Wow. During this time of year, I remember being in the midst of EdTPA, completing a research project for one of the courses, and STILL needing to pass the RICA! I was dealing with so much procrastination when it came to EdTPA and coursework. I taught A LOT in the classroom and my students always came before any coursework/studying however, I learned that if I really wanted to be their teacher I needed to prioritize the workload in front of me. This meant speaking up for what I needed. Luckily I had a very dedicated and encouraging Director that provided the warm demander I needed to get things done. By advocating for what I needed, my director was able to help me create a plan, create a space and time in which to complete the work. She regularly did check-ins about the progress of how much work I completed. My cohort was also very encouraging and checked in on me or provided resources that were helpful to them that might be helpful to me. I really leaned on them when I became overwhelmed and because we were all in the same boat we were able to understand each other and encourage one another. Like Dory says: just keep on swimming. It seems like it will never get done, but trust yourself, ask for what you need, and get it done." - Frania Ramos-Arce, Aspire Public Schools, 2018-2019 Cohort
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