2020 KCMS Delegate Council Details

From your King County Medical Society Delegation Chair, Teresa Girolami, MD
Wow-what a year! This year, your 2020 King County Delegate Council met virtually three times over the summer to craft, brainstorm, and gather data to write 18 thoughtful and powerful resolutions to present at the first ever VIRTUAL WSMA Annual Meeting. Your delegates and KCMS staff spent hours of their time preparing.
This past weekend, each author presented their resolution in two minutes to a reference committee and the WSMA House of Delegates. After discussions, the reference committees made recommendations. At 6 am Sunday, your King County Delegates and staff dragged themselves out of bed and back on a Zoom call to review the outcome of the committees’ decisions. If we disagreed, we needed to introduce our resolution again and make a good argument for why we wanted a different outcome. We were very successful in the first go-round and only had to extract five resolutions for further discussion.
After NINE straight hours of Zoom calls, and a few of our own system crashes along the way, we ended in success. Many of our resolutions will become new WSMA HOD policy (see all resolutions below). Many of us had three screens open, with one dedicated to King County Delegates/staff only. This was in lieu of sitting by each other discussing and strategizing. Although we did not fill all of our seats, we had strong representation, and thank you to all the delegates for attending. 
The virtual HOD meeting was directed by our own King County members!  Speaker of the House was Matthew Grierson, MD, and Vice Speaker was Ray Hsiao, MD. This was an incredibly challenging event to oversee, and they handled it with calm and goodwill.
Congratulations to all King County physicians who were elected to WSMA positions
President-Elect: Mika Sinanan, MD, Ph.D.*
Sec-Treasurer: John Bramhall, MD, Ph.D.*
Speaker of the House: Matthew Grierson, MD*
Vice Speaker: Ray Hsiao, MD*
AMA Delegate: Matthew Grierson, MD*
AMA Alternate: Amish Dave, MD, MPH*
AMA Alternate: Peter Dunbar, MD*
AMA Alternate: Shane Macaulay, MD*
AMA Alternate: Libby Parker, MD
Trustee: Leah Geyer, MD*
Trustee: Teresa Girolami, MD*
Trustee: Carrie Horwitch, MD*
Trustee: James Martin, MD*
Trustee: James Park, MD, MHA
Trustee: Tony Quang, MD, JD
Trustee: Ralph Rossi, MD, MPH*
Trustee: Steven Schiebel, MD, CPE, FAAP
Trustee (Resident): Rasheed Durowoju, MD, MS
(*Indicates those who are from King County AND are King County Medical Society members).

Three King County members were also recognized with awards:
Frank Riedo, MD, Peter Hashisaki, MD, and Jeff Duchin, MD.   Congratulations!

Although we could not meet in person this year, I hope to see all of you next year. If you would like to become a delegate and join in on policymaking or simply come to cast your vote, contact cmanzano@kcmsociety.com. A special thanks to Nancy Belcher and Czarina Manzano for their tireless work.
It was an honor and a pleasure to work with all of you.
Thank you,
Teresa Girolami, MD
KCMS Past-President, KCMS Delegate Council Chair
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