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September 25, 2018 - Weekly Coach Newsletter
September 25, 2018 - Weekly Coach Newsletter

Dear Coach,

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Help Select Upcoming Debate Topics

You’re invited to discuss the proposed Policy Debate topics for 2019-2020 in-depth before casting your vote online by October 15! The ballot, along with a synopsis of the five problem areas, is now available. Plus, you can vote for the November Public Forum topic. Visit our Topics page to get started. 

Family Newsletter

Please spread the word with your team! We're introducing a monthly parent newsletter that will share: 
  • Access to free judge training materials
  • Ways to be a great speech and debate volunteer and team booster
  • Information on student opportunities like scholarships, awards, and free competition resources
  • Ways to thank your student's speech and debate coach
  • Special opportunities to sport your speech and debate pride  
Sign up here or forward this email to parents, guardians, and family members of your team! 
Add Your Info » Please take a moment to help us get a snapshot of our membership by adding demographic information on your account page. Simply log in and click "Edit" next to "Personal Info." 

Board Adjusts Implementation of New Internet Usage Rules Established for 2018-2019

At its Fall Board Meeting held September 21-23, the NSDA Board of Directors determined that the new internet usage rules proposed by a 2017-2018 ad hoc committee and approved by the Board at its May meeting should undergo a minimum one-year of pilot testing by interested NSDA districts before any possible mandated change to District or National competition. Districts will have autonomy to implement these new internet usage rules in one or more divisions of competition. Throughout the pilot year, the Board will collect feedback from testing districts as well as the membership on the best steps to consider moving forward. The High School Unified Manual will be updated by October 1. On October 11, the entirety of the NSDA Fall Board Meeting minutes will be made available on the NSDA website and will be linked in the coach and district leader newsletters that follow.

Recruitment Video

In this video, we highlight student voices, inspiring alumni, and the power of speech and debate. If you have a recruitment event coming up for your team this fall, consider kicking things off with this or check out our YouTube page for other ideas! 

Advice from a Veteran Coach 

In the latest issue of Rostrum magazine, Hall of Fame coach Joni Anker shares some of the lessons she learned during her 40 years of teaching and coaching. 
"Several years ago I was recruiting kids during lunch duty and I sought out one particular student. One of my captains said to me 'Mrs. Anker, you are crazy. He's a drug dealer.' I responded 'People can change.' And he did. Speech gave him an outlet for his innate creativity, and today he credits speech with positively redirecting his life."

Resources for National Hispanic Heritage Month

View our full collection of classroom and tournament resources designed to celebrate the month and check out a resource spotlight below!
Literature Collection » As the school year begins, we know many students are looking for new literature for speech events. We invite you to check out our collection, featuring stories impacting Hispanic/Latinx communities and recommeded texts for historical context. Take a look at the initial list of works or suggest others for us to add. We'd love your input! 
View All Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

Most Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about how something works, there's a good chance others have wondered the same thing! The most common questions from members are answered on our FAQ page, including: 
  • How to create or transfer a student account
  • How to add or correct points
  • Where to find rules, ask for clarification, or suggest a change
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