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The Inaugural RTSWS Honor Roll

Check out a few of our outstanding student cohorts from fall 2022!
We celebrate the success of these cohorts and recognize the dedication and hard work from our School Champions, Student CEOs and students within the cohort. 

Best Overall Cohort:

Marshall Fundamental School | Pasadena, CA

The Best Overall Cohort honor was awarded to Marshall Fundamental School based on their high student attendance, impressive financial and investment literacy growth score and strong School Champion and Student CEO engagement. 

Most Improved Cohort:

Lincoln Park High School | Chicago, IL
The Most Improved Cohort honor was awarded based on fall 2021 to fall 2022 growth comparsions. We are proud of Lincoln Park High School's year to year improvements.

Best 1st Year Cohort:

High School of Economics & Finance | New York, NY
The High School of Economics & Finance RTSWS cohort has shown up as a strong, 1st year cohort with high attendance, highly engaged participation from the students and fantastic financial and investment literacy growth. 

Most Consistent Attendance:

 School of Business & Management | Dallas, TX
The School of Business & Management averaged the most consistent attendance across all 5 fall sessions.

Largest Sustained Cohort

South Mecklenburg High School | Charlotte, NC
Consistently each year, South Mecklenburg recruits the largest RTSWS cohorts. This year, their cohort sustained 40 students at each session. 

Highest Financial Literacy Growth

Cabrini High School | New Orleans, LA

Cabrini High School scored the highest financial and investment literacy growth this fall of 194%!

Fall 2022 Student CEO Awards!

The success of our RTSWS cohorts is elevated by our fantastic Student CEOs.
The below Student CEOs were awarded for their strong leadership this past fall. 

Recruitment Award

Riya K. and Zoe N. | Kitsilano Secondary School | Vancouver, CA

At the beginning of the school year, Riya and Zoe used creative tactics to market RTSWS to their student body and recruit over 20 students to participate in our Canadian cohort. 

RTSWS Ambassador Award

Harmony A. | Cabrini High | New Orleans, LA

Harmony jumped in as a student leader after sesson #1 and her leadership approach and efforts grew her school's cohort from 8 students to 38 students in just a couple of weeks. 

Best Engagement Award

Yelyzaveta K. | Lincoln Park High | Chicago, IL

Yelyzaveta's strong communication skills, assistance with attendance, engagement with the volunteers and session by session reports were all greatly appreciated and built for a successful RTSWS fall. 


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