Review tips for Spring registration and be aware of the time change on Sun.
Review tips for Spring registration and be aware of the time change on Sun.
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Friday, October 30, 2020 | Fall Semester 2020

Registering for Spring 2021

Registration for Spring Semester has now begun. Please keep the following points in mind as you prepare to register for classes:
  • If you plan to be in the U.S. for Spring 2021, you should register for as many in-person courses as possible. We do not yet have guidance from the government regarding online enrollment for the spring. If the government does not extend the flexibility that was in place for Fall 2020, you may be required to take most of your courses in person. Note that “in-person” courses include hybrid courses that meet at least 50% in person. 
  • If you plan to be outside the U.S. for Spring 2021, you should register for online courses only if you want to receive the financial credit. While some faculty may choose to allow students to take hybrid courses fully online in Spring 2021, this will not be an expectation. Enrolling in any hybrid courses will prevent you from receiving the financial credit. Note that we do not yet have guidance as to whether students will be able to maintain legal status while enrolled full-time from abroad in Spring 2021.
  • If you are planning to graduate in May and need less than 12 credits to graduate, you will need to apply for a Reduced Course Load. The e-form will become available in early January. Please note the deadline to apply for May graduation is Saturday, October 31 (tomorrow). 
Registration Tips
Please also review the Healthy Together FAQs for Spring 2021 and read more about COVID and Legal Status in the Immigration Tip section. 
Trick or Tea: Tea Tasting
day of dead altar with a tea set
Friday, October 30 (today) at the International Student Center
If you are on campus today, come sample some hot tea from around the world! A tea tasting station will be set up outside in the MacMillan Hall parking lot, east of the sundial. Tea will be available throughout the day, until we run out. 
Teas being offered include: Argentinian Yerba Maté with hot chocolate, Thai Butterfly Pea Tea with lemon and honey, Thai Rose Tea with soy milk and sugar, Vietnamese Soursop Fruit Tea with honey, South African Rooibos Tea with cardamon and honey, Moroccan Mint Tea with honey, and British Blend Tea with milk and sugar.
After trying some tea, head inside MacMillan Hall to checkout the Day of the Dead Altar. Or, schedule a time later today to Celebrate the Day of the Dead Traditions.
Sunday, November 1: End of Daylight Savings in the U.S.  
At 2:00am, the U.S. will revert back to Standard Time, which means we will set our clocks back one hour. For students outside the U.S., this means that the time difference between your country and the U.S. may change. Please take note of this so that you are on time for your synchronous class meetings and do not miss any deadlines.
Monday, November 2 before 5:00pm: University Withdrawal Deadline:  
Instructions for withdrawing: 1) Schedule an online advising appointment with an ISSS advisor, 2) Submit “Withdrawal or Part Time Enrollment Request” e-form in InterLink and 3) Submit the University Withdrawal Form
Immigration Tip
Check the ISSS website while you chat with ISSS staff! 

The ISSS website is an excellent resource when you have a question about legal status, I-20s, visas, OPT, CPT, enrollment requirements and all other issues that affect Miami international students. Another great resource for guidance on navigating international student issues is an ISSS advisor. Now you can check the webpage while chatting with ISSS! ‘Drop-ins’ are available via the chatbox on the ISSS homepage at the following times:
  • Monday, Thursday, Friday: 3:30-4:30pm
  • Tuesday, Wednesday: 9:00-10:00am

One recently updated webpage that you should review is COVID-19 and Legal Status. If you have a general question about legal status or information on the ISSS webpage, please ‘drop-in’ for a chat. If you would like to discuss your personal situation or a more complex issue, please schedule an ISSS advising appointment
Take Care of Your Mental Health 
The end of the semester can bring added stress, so make sure you are taking care of yourself both physically and mentally. Student Counseling Service (SCS) offers students a variety of support to help them achieve or maintain their mental health. 
SCS Virtual Workshops will continue throughout the semester along with a variety of support groups. Campus Care connects students with trained mental health professionals to discuss their concerns with mental health in a less formal, more covenient setting and will be available daily on weekdays November 2-20. 
Check the Campus Care schedule
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