Growing Success, Yard Tree Giveaway 2020
Growing Success, Yard Tree Giveaway 2020
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February 2021 Issue 1
Yard Tree Giveaway – a Success, Thanks to You!
Oregon's native Douglas-fir was a popular choice at the Yard Tree Giveaway. Kids and trees can grow together!
Thanks to Portlanders like you across the city, more than 1,200 trees were planted in 2020 through the Yard Tree Giveaway program. 
2020 was the largest year for the Yard Tree Giveaway program, with 1,218 trees finding new homes in private yards across Portland. Over the last four years, the program has given away more than 3,000 trees.
While all Portland neighborhoods can benefit from more trees, it is crucial to plant trees in areas with the lowest tree cover.
So where did the trees go? 72% went to neighborhoods that are low canopy, low income, or both.
Check out our tree planting heat map: 
2020 YTG Heat Map shows where most of the trees went in Portland.
The tree planting heat map shows the distribution of the 2020 Yard Tree Giveaway trees across the city. Trees were planted in nearly every neighborhood, with especially large clusters in the Hazelwood and Lents neighborhoods (yellow).
To provide the most benefits to us and our wildlife, Urban Forestry focuses on planting large growing, evergreen and native trees. (See the 2020 Free Yard Tree Species List.)
  • 88% of the trees given away this year were either large growing, evergreen, or native.
Along with goals to increase tree cover across Portland, Urban Forestry wants the program to be accessible to all. 
  • 227 trees were delivered, and 59 trees were planted by Urban Forestry for people with limited mobility.
Thank you to everyone who has planted and cared for these trees.
You are helping to make Portland a greener, more livable place for us all. 
Interested in getting a tree for your yard at the next giveaway? Sign up to get a reminder email once the September 2021 registration opens. 

Upcoming Events

Opportunities to learn and volunteer!

The Tree Inventory used technology like GIS on an iPad.

Tree Technology Tools
Friday, February 26, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Available Online via Zoom


Learn about the technologies now available to discover, track, and learn about the trees around you.
This live webinar will provide an overview of the free, available technologies that help connect people and trees.
For example:
  • Discover where and what types of trees are in your neighborhood
  • Track invasive trees with your local tree team
  • Learn the best places to plant trees for energy savings and environmental impacts
Please pre-register.
After that, an invitation and link to join the webinar will be sent to registered attendees.

More Upcoming Events

2/20/21, RESCHEDULED-Tough Trees Bootcamp Hazelwood-Tree Caregivers: Register online for the rescheduled tree care stewardship event in the Hazelwood neighborhood. Three sessions available, learn more and register online at the Tough Trees Bootcamp Hazelwood Signup page.

2/26/21-3/2/21, Tough Trees Bootcamp Hosford-Abernethy: Join your neighbors outdoors this spring to get moving and do some tree care! Register online for one of three available roles: Pruning Preparers (low impact, 2/26-3/2), Tree Caregivers (moderate impact, 3/6), or Support Stewards (low impact, 3/6). Learn more about these events on our website.
3/16/21, Tree Identification for Portlanders: Learning to identify trees takes lots of practice. We all start somewhere, so do not miss this chance to finally be able to name the trees around you! Our online webinar will teach you some methods to identify trees, and also common tree characteristics to put you on the path to being an expert tree-identifier. Be sure to register on the Signup page.

In Other News

Help Make Decisions That Matter: Several City Advisory Groups are now, or will soon be, open to new members! We encourage our tree-minded audience to consider applying, and help us all help trees. Current open seats: Historic Landmarks Commission, Design Commission, Development Review Advisory Committee. Spring 2021 openings: Portland Utility Board. Learn more and sign up on the Office of Community and Civic Life webpage.

Get Paid to Work With Trees:
Are you looking for a full-time opportunity to work with trees in Portland? A local landscaping company, Cascadian Landscapers, Inc., is looking for some dedicated employees to join their team. Check out their Job Opportunities webpage to learn more about the positions and how to apply electronically! If you would like to apply in person, call first to set up an appointment. You can call them at 503-209-3143, or email them at

Report Dying Western Redcedar: The Oregon Department of Forestry is asking you to report areas with pockets of dying western redcedar as part of a study to map where this is happening and establish monitoring sites. Look out for sites where two or more Western redcedar trees look like they are dying or in decline. Signs or symptoms to look for include thinning crowns, dieback from the top of the tree, or entire branches becoming brown and dying. If you see any of this happening, please send location information to:
Urban Forestry
1900 SW 4th Ave., Portland, OR 97201503-823-8733
Portland Parks &
Mayor Ted Wheeler • Director Adena Long

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