March 3, 2020
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. First Smiles Video
  3. Range Livestock Nutrition Workshop
  4. Pinal County Git Up Challenge
  5. Western Extension Community Development Working Group
  6. Community Research, Evaluation and Development Team
  7. New Extension Publication
  8. Pima County 4-H Candidates Feedback Forms
  9. Fit First Saturday at The Garden Kitchen
  10. WRRC Get Ready Webinar
  11. Educational Communication - Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

 The University of Arizona (UA) Cooperative Extension System (CES) is held within the Division of Agriculture, Life, & Veterinary Sciences and Cooperative Extension.  However, the CES is classified as an individual unit in the Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) system, similar to all of the colleges at the UA.   

This setup places an unfortunate burden on the CES.  The CES is subject to all of the taxes from the UA RCM system, all costs associated with university-wide budget restructuring, and university charges for strategic initiatives.  However, the CES does not have access to the primary RCM revenues that are associated with student credit hours, degree programs, and graduates.  

The CES core operating base budget (OBB) consists of funding from a state of Arizona allocation and federal government Smith-Lever funds.  Those core funds remain intact thanks to all the great work you do across the state and our ability to demonstrate positive impact to the people of Arizona. 

The increasing costs within the UA system is resulting in a net negative loss in the CES OBB.  With the rising costs and fees we continue to absorb, we must be extra vigilant with the management of resources to support our operational capacity – and I encourage you all to do the same.  Under these conditions, we must focus the strategic and tactical priorities for the CES on supporting the people and programs with our core funding necessary to support our basic Extension operations.

I am proud of everyone in Extension for maintaining fiscal responsibility at all levels. Working together we will manage these challenges successfully.


First Smiles Video

First Smiles
Did you know dental disease is the most common chronic childhood disease?

University of Arizona's First Smiles offers free oral health education, screening, fluoride varnish and toothbrushes to children from birth to 5. 
Click the photo above, to see the full story.

Range Livestock Nutrition Workshops 

One-day workshops with presentations focused on Arizona beef cattle production.
When and Where: Three Locations

March 10, 2020 9:30am - 4:00pm – Cochise College Benson Center - Benson, AZ 
     Event page
     Register for Benson Workshop

March 11, 2020 9:30am - 4:00pm – Prescott Rodeo Grounds - Prescott, AZ 
     Event page
     Register for Prescott Workshop

March 12, 2020 9:30am - 4:00pm - Navajo County Fairgrounds - Holbrook, AZ 
     Event page
     Register for Holbrook Workshop

Pinal County Git Up Challenge

Pinal County would like to extend the "Git Up" Challenge to the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension Offices in Gila County.

Western Extension Community Development Working Group

Collectively Addressing Western Issues

The Western Rural Development Center is pleased to welcome Susan Sekaquaptewa, Navajo County, to its newly-formed Western Extension Community Development Working Group. This group will be working collectively in the coming months to discuss needs and opportunities for building Extension's capacity as it relates to community development to increase our capabilities in continuing to assist our region's rural areas. From these ongoing discussions, the group will work to develop resources to be utilized by Extension and applied in communities throughout the western United States.

Community Research, Evaluation and Development Team

In February, members of the Community Research, Evaluation and Development Team (Michele Walsh, Kara Haberstock Tanoue, Madeleine deBlois, and Rachel Leih) facilitated a half-day workshop for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and over forty of their community partners.  The session offered a primer on conducting needs and assets assessments for program development.  Participants learned about the importance of broad stakeholder participation, practiced using online tools to find information in existing secondary data resources, and explored non-survey methods for collecting data from diverse populations. 

New Extension Publication

Shared water wells serving two or more households are the sole source of water for many rural homes in Arizona. There are, however, very few rules, regulations or laws to permit, use, and manage shared wells. Most homeowners on shared wells are not fully aware that they are solely responsible for management and safety of their drinking water supply. There is very little literature available on the proper management of shared wells. This publication is intended to be a basic guide for homeowners and managers of these systems. 

Pima County 4-H Agent Candidate Seminars

You are invited to attend upcoming seminars presented by our two candidates for the 4-H assistant/associate agent position in Pima County Extension. Their topic is: “Your Vision for Diversifying and Strengthening Pima County’s 4-H Volunteer Base.”

If you are participating in the Pima County 4-H candidates’ interviews, please use the following links to provide feedback:

Theresa Duffy:
Tuesday, March 3: Theresa “Tess” Duffy. Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm and presentation with Q & A at 6:30. Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (1951 E Roger Rd, Tucson). (Online Zoom session link: )

Kalee Hunter:

Wednesday, March 4: Kalee Hunter. Dinner will be served at 6:00 pm and presentation with Q & A at 6:30. Controlled Environment Agriculture Center (1951 E Roger Rd, Tucson). (Online Zoom session link:

Curriculum Vita and supporting candidate materials are available upon request. Please contact Dan McDonald for documents (

The Garden Kitchen's Fit First Saturday

The next Fit First Saturday at The Garden Kitchen is this Saturday, March 7. This free monthly event includes a fitness activity, cooking demonstration and gardening class. Join us for all or part of the morning! 
9:00am-9:45am: Fitness Activity – Strength and Balance Class
10:00am-11:00am: Cooking Demonstration - Spring Seasonal Recipes

We’ll show you how to prepare the dishes, you’ll get so sample everything we make, and we’ll send you home with the recipes.

11:15am-12:00pm: Gardening Class - Pollinators: The Role of Flowers in the Veggie Garden

The Pima County Master Gardeners will teach you how and why to incorporate flowers in your veggie garden.


WRRC Get Ready Webinar

March 3, 2020
12:00 - 1:30 pm

In this webinar, Central Arizona Project (CAP) will share updates and insights from planning and
policy initiatives with long-range implications. These include evaluations of future supply and
demand conditions, recovery of water stored by the Arizona Water Banking Authority, CAGRD
operations, Colorado River modeling, and CAP’s climate adaptation planning.

Engage in this interactive webinar produced in collaboration with the Central Arizona Project as
we gear up for the March 27, 2020 WRRC Conference. Attend via the web or join us here at
the WRRC to participate from our satellite webinar location in the Sol Resnick Conference Room.

Register Online at:

Educational Communication: Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel 

In the "digital age" - with the quest for information, but shorter attention spans - educational organizations are communicating more and more via social media, websites, and using digital communications, like Zoom.

Arizona Cooperative Extension is working to be at the forefront of this trend, in communicating with short, to-the-point videos.

                           Check out the Arizona Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel:

Please make sure you're helping us advance the Cooperative Extension message.  Please like, share and link through your social media channels, and help us do all we can to share with all stakeholders and communities.

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