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Are your strategic plan and brand strategy working together?
Are your strategic plan and brand strategy working together?
Are your strategic plan and brand strategy working together?

Stone Soup Creative
The Heaping Spoonful  |  May 2015
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Hello, !
Branding is like chocolate. Strategic planning is like peanut butter. They are two different things that are good individually—yet significantly better together. 
For nonprofit organizations, the two should work together to support each other. Unfortunately, many organizations aren’t creating the delicious peanut butter cup from their two main ingredients.
Your organization likely puts a lot of time, money and effort into both. It’s important to get the most out of their relationship—because that is what helps you authentically stand out and gain support. 
Find out how branding and strategic planning can work in my latest blog post on Strategic Planning and Branding.
Do you have an incredible, well-thought-out strategic plan—but need some assistance translating it into day-to-day communications? I’m here to help.

Julia Reich
Principal and Chief Soup-Stirrer
Stone Soup Creative

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Brand Academy Certified Branding Expert
I'm excited to recently receive my branding certification, and have been working diligently to refine this really valuable structure into my Brand Recipe proprietary process that I deliver to clients, to help them build their reputation within their community.
So if you contact me these days, don't be surprised if I dig a little deeper into that website or logo or brochure you're asking to be designed, to talk about WHY and WHO and WHAT. I’m going to give you not just what you want but what you need. That’s why my process is strategic!
Nonprofit Radio Interview
Is consulting to nonprofits for you? Do you have the personality for it? What about marketing, pricing and setting boundaries? Listen in to an interview I did with Tony Martignetti Nonprofit Radio, along with Marlene Oliveira, principal of moflow, a communications consultancy. The interview was taped at NTC 2015, the Nonprofit Technology Conference.
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