Introducing Trivia Tuesday!
Introducing Trivia Tuesday!

The Challenges of Landing Humans on Mars | How the Universe Works

Engage your kid's minds throughout the summer with these FUN weekly at-home STEM features! 
Learn the challenges NASA is facing in their quest to safely land humans on the Red Planet.

Trivia Tuesday 

Join us for a fun round of trivia! Do you know what NASA stands for? Leave your guess on our social media accounts to find the answer!
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Spark of STEM

Brooke Brown from @teachoutsidethebox used this fun, and easy-to-do at-home experiment to illustrate Newton's Third Law of Motion! Just set up some cups, or dominos and use a toy car, or a small ball to demonstrate that for every force in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. @teachoutsidethebox is a K-2 GT teacher and a STEM education materials developer, check out her website for her blog, freebies, and the STEM teaching tool she developed: STEMbins!
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