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Walk & Ride Registration - Now Open!

It's that time of year again! Time to lace up your sneakers, get your team together, and start walking.

What is the Walk & Ride Challenge? The Challenge is to see how Bethesda-based employees can incorporate walking into their daily routine  by considering alternative commute modes other than driving alone and sitting in traffic.
How does it work? Folks form teams with their colleagues and compete against other teams in Bethesda by logging their steps into the Walk & Ride Challenge website.
Who can participate? All downtown Bethesda-based companies and their employees.
When does this happen? Registration is happening now until August 23. Participants can log their steps on workdays falling between September 9-27, 2019.
How much does it cost? The cost per team registering before Friday, August 9 is $40. Teams registering between August 9-23 will be $50 per team.

Click here to register, or click here for more information.

Updates from WMATA

Earlier this month, you may have heard shouts of joy  from the Glenmont side of the Red Line. As it turns out, they were from commuters who were celebrating the end of the Red Line's turnbacks at Silver Spring! Every train now goes all the way to Glenmont! Click here to read more about it. The Red Line stopped turning back at Grosvenor late last year.
For all of you super-commuters from Virginia, and any other folks using the Yellow and Blue lines, you probably already know that several stations are currently closed and are scheduled to reopen on September 8. If you find yourself needing to use one of the closed stations, WMATA's trip planner is ready to find another route for you!
Click here to explore this handy tool, and to get the latest information on platform improvements being made to the closed stations.

Get to know the Pedestrian Master Plan!

Montgomery Planning is looking to develop a Master Plan to improve pedestrian conditions across Montgomery County. You can stay up-to-date on the Plan and its progress by signing up for the Pedestrian Master Plan e-newsletter!
To sign up, click here.

How's Our Website?

We are thinking of redesigning our website and would like to get feedback from you just to ensure we are making changes you, the user, will love.
If you have a minute, go to and look around a bit, then take this survey and let us know what you thought. Thanks in advance for your help!
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