Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
Your weekly dose of PBS KIDS brought to you by Arizona Public Media
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Watch as Nature Cat and the gang make bird feeders for their fine feathered friends.
Did you know? The shape of a bird's beak says a lot about what they eat. Check out this slideshow to learn more about what different birds eat in nature!
Activity: Make a Bird Feeder
Provide a tasty snack for the birds in your neighborhood. Then observe your visitors with your Molly of Denali Birding Field Guide
Did you know? Over 100 different types of birds in North America eat food from bird feeders. 
Which desert animals have the power of flight? Certainly not humans! Let’s take a look at our flapping friends and see how they manage to get airborne. Birds, bats and butterflies can fly — but how? Join the Desert Museum on Wednesday, July 15 at 12pm to learn more. Register here. 
Activity: Cook Up Some Edible Slime
Explore the properties of different ingredients and how they can transform while creating tasty (and safe!) edible slime.
Staying active is an important part of your overall health. Help your child get moving with a dance party! Looking for more ways to stay active while having fun? Check out this PBS Parents article for more indoor games to get the wiggles out.
Activity: Arthur Comics "So Funny I Forgot to Laugh"
In this interactive story about empathy, Arthur teases Sue Ellen about her new sweater. Your child can follow along with the story and then decide how the story should end. 
Friday from 7pm to 9pm  
When a mysterious wish machine is delivered to Sesame Street, Elmo, Abby and Bert find their wishes come true. Join the fun – along with guest stars Amanda Seyfried and Blake Lively – in this one-hour special from Sesame Street, When You Wish Upon a Pickle.
Be sure to check the programming guide in your Adventure Kit for more details!
Can't get enough Sesame Street? Create a Sesame Street Pencil Topper, print out this Abby Cadabby Coloring Page, and explore the many Sesame Street games on PBS KIDS! 
Friday July 17 to Sunday July 26
The Loft's annual summer tradition continues in 2020 with a very special “couch surfing” edition of the Loft Kids Fest, featuring free films and fun every day. Click here for more information. 
This recorded interactive poetry workshop is designed to inspire your child and guide them through the writing process with the theme "What do you want to grow in your garden?"
Discover a variety of literacy activities happening right here in our own Tucson community! From Make Way for Books' Online Storytime to Literacy Connects' "Inside Outings," the Literacy in Our Community page has it all.
While you're there, be sure to check out the K-12 Poetry Contest brought to you by AZPM, in partnership with the UA Poetry Center and Pima County Public Library. 
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